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Summary 0001487: Automatically select Reverse when RTTY-FSK is selected
Revision 2014-01-31 23:58 by WA9PIE
Description Thank you including RTTY-FSK. Am using an IC-7700 and operate RTTY using FSK.
Every time I start DM780 and select RTTY-FSK I MUST click on the "Reverse"
button for it to work. Have NEVER had to use "Reverse" with MMTTY or other RTTY
programs. I understand that different radios could possibly use the program
without clicking "Reverse" but have not found anyone who does not have to also
click "Reverse" to use RTTY. Seems backwards to me. If nothing else, make
DM780 remember the setting of the "Reverse" button, so it does not have to be
remembered by the user.

Also the tuning indicator for RTTY is virtually unusable. Can this be
enlarged/Improved? FSK works but needs improvement!
Revision 2013-12-23 21:44 by Support
Description Data lost