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Summary 0001334: Satellite TX mode not properly transferred to FLEX 1500 from HRD
Revision 2014-02-02 13:20 by WA9PIE
Description HRD with Satellite Tracking module attached to FlexRadio FLEX-1500
running PowerSDR 2.3.5. Satellite set to FO-29. Transverters 145-28 MHz attached
to transmit side and 435-28 attached to receive side. Both RX VFO-A and TX VFO-B
checked and correctly update VFO A and VFO B on the FLEX-1500. VFO B set to TX
on 1500. In the radio panel of the HRD Satellite Tracking module, RX-Mode is set
to USB and TX-Mode is set to LSB.

However, when the system transmits (either via PTT on the 1500, TX is clicked on
HRD, or TX is clicked in the Satellite radio panel) the mode of the FLEX is not
changed to LSB but instead transmits USB.
Revision 2013-12-23 21:44 by Support
Description Data lost