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Summary 0003571: eQSL QSO download doesn't correctly parse result URL from response
Revision 2019-11-10 14:53 by K7ZCZ
Steps To Reproduce 1) Open the Logbook. Any database is fine, though it might be modified by these steps
2) Use the "Configure" tear-off in the "Tools" menu to reach the "" command
3) In the resulting dialog, configure the username and password for your account
4) Use the "File" tear-off in the "Logbook" menu to reach the "" tear-off. In that menu, choose "download"
5) Set the parameters in the dialog so the operation will successfully download at least a few records.
6) Press the "Download from" button in the resulting " Download" dialog
7) after the download completes, activate the "Log" tab in the " Download" dialog
8) The first entry is a URL showing the API request from Re-type this URL into your browser.
9) Your browser will display a page that comes back from the server that has links to the ADI and TXT files you requested.
10) Click the ADI link.

BUG#1) In the "Log" tab, the ADI link's target is actually displayed with ".TXT file reference = ". It should be describe as the ".ADI file reference". (This can be confirmed by examining the file in the given URL: it ends in ADI, not TXT.)

BUG#2) The ADI link opened in the browser doesn't match the ADI link displayed in "Log" tab; the Logbook is using the wrong URL.
Revision 2019-11-10 14:38 by K7ZCZ
Steps To Reproduce