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Summary 0001502: With multiple rigs connected to HRD, Logbook DX spot QSY not to Logbook Rig
Revision 2014-01-31 17:43 by WA9PIE
Description I have a K3 and an IC7000 connected to HRD, so in HRD I have a main tab for the
K3 and IC7000. In Logbook I have the K3 selected as the radio, but in HRD focus
is on the IC7000 tab.

Within Logbook, the K3 buttons and sliders work fine, but if I click on a DX
spot to 'Create New ALE' or double click the spot, Logbook sends the QSY command
to the IC7000. Then if I go to HRD and select the K3 tab, Logbook sends the QSY
commands to the K3.

Logbook sends DX spot QSY command to the rig that has focus in HRD, regardless
of which rig is selected within Logbook.
Revision 2013-12-23 21:44 by Support
Description Data lost