0002959: [Bug] Rig Control: can't connect to DemoMatic radios (K7ZCZ)
1 issue View Issues
0002950: [Bug] Logbook: edit control on QRZ.COM dialog box is too small (K7ZCZ)
0002648: [Enhancement] Logbook: enable Filter to look inbetween QSO Dates (K7ZCZ)
0002289: [Bug] FREQ_RX send in wrong formating to QRZ.com Log (K7ZCZ)
0002935: [Bug] Logbook: slow response from HRDInterface() can hang Logbook (K7ZCZ)
0002974: [Bug] Logbook: empty dates will not always sort correctly (K7ZCZ)
0002314: [Bug] IC-7851 Mode does not changes on cluster spot selection (PD9FER)
0002325: [Bug] Uploading log to QRZ sets the field eQSL Sent to Yes (K7ZCZ)
0002299: [Enhancement] FTDX-3000 Countour Slider missing (K7ZCZ)
0002961: [General] Remote client no trace of HRDSerialPortClient.exe (K7ZCZ)
0002951: [Bug] Logbook: "qrz.com Upload" dialog has edit control that's too small (K7ZCZ)
0001518: [Bug] FTDX-3000 CAT Commands - Buttons (K7ZCZ)
0001515: [Bug] FTDX-3000 Buttons Inoperative (K7ZCZ)
0001728: [Bug] IC-7700 add on/off functionality to Rig Control (K7ZCZ)
0001898: [Bug] DM-780 ALE Malfunction (K7ZCZ)
0002722: [Bug] Setup: EULA has very old address for the company (K7ZCZ)
0001449: [Bug] ALC/POWER/SWR Meters not working on FTDX-3000 (K7ZCZ)
0002727: [Bug] Documentation: contains dead link to third-party website (K7ZCZ)
0002749: [Maintenance] Rig Control: consider removing vCOM driver from product (K7ZCZ)
0002812: [Bug] Logbook: EQSL logging code may over-step array bounds (K7ZCZ)
0002890: [Bug] DM780: typo on "channels" tab in options page (K7ZCZ)
0002940: [Bug] Logbook: Don't ship HRD001.DLL (K7ZCZ)
0002945: [Bug] N1MM Logger 80m contacts forwarded to Logbook captured as 93m (K7ZCZ)
0002948: [Bug] Logbook: Manual QRZ upload doesn't work reliably (K7ZCZ)
0002949: [Bug] Logook: Manual QRZ upload shouldn't try to upload when no items selected (K7ZCZ)
0002955: [Bug] Logbook: crash when working EQSL Upload dialog (K7ZCZ)
0002956: [Bug] DM780 crashes (K7ZCZ)
0002957: [Bug] New Beta Digital Master crashes on loading. (K7ZCZ)
0002967: [Bug] All: all applications load city, state data even if they don't need it. (K7ZCZ)
0002971: [Bug] Rig Control: Layout Size isn't checked in context menu (K7ZCZ)
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This is a minor maintenance release to fix a problem that prevented prospective customers from installing a 30 trial key.
0002943: [Bug] FT-718nd Power on/off not working in V6.4.0.902 (K7ZCZ)
0002946: [Bug] V6.4.0.902 issue with starting Trial version (K7ZCZ)
2 issues View Issues
The release is the final release of 2018. The next release will be in January 2019.

This release includes fixes for - logbook refreshing automatically on ADIF import, frequency correction for N1MM integration, split operations with IC-7610, performance improvements, double entry of QTH with certain integrations, 30 day solar data updates, FTdx-5000 power on function, update for LOTW changes to security, and a number of crash scenarios gathered from the Microsoft dashboard.
0002936: [Enhancement] FTDX-5000 will not power on via HRD (K7ZCZ)
0002916: [Maintenance] Change in Security layer for LoTW. (K7ZCZ)
0002887: [Maintenance] All: SolPos doesn't appear to be used (K7ZCZ)
0002910: [Bug] Double City entry in ALE QTH field at lookup. (K7ZCZ)
0002317: [Bug] Imported ADIF records no longer displayed in open logbook (K7ZCZ)
0002576: [Bug] Command SPLIT not work properly IC-7610 HRD Build 794 (K7ZCZ)
0002710: [Bug] No Buttons are showing in Rig Control when connected to an IC-7851 (K7ZCZ)
0002845: [Bug] V6.4.0.876 - Random crashes\Lockups\closing of LB and DM where both are affected at the same time. (WA9PIE)
0002886: [Enhancement] All: application startup could be faster (K7ZCZ)
0002889: [General] Relocate "LOTW" (import confirmations) menu item (WA9PIE)
0002893: [Bug] Incorrect frequency logged from N1MM+ (K7ZCZ)
0002900: [Bug] Digital Master: May crash while trying to post message from HRD Interface (K7ZCZ)
0002901: [Bug] Digital Master: crash when freeing HRDLOG_DATA structure (K7ZCZ)
0002913: [Maintenance] LB: 30 Day Solar Data displays blank page (Win 7 only) (K7ZCZ)
0002920: [Bug] Logbook: Logfile view is difficult to use because of scrolling (K7ZCZ)
0002921: [Bug] Logbook: bad parameters to AddLogfile() might cause a crash (K7ZCZ)
0002922: [Bug] Logbook: can crash when handling database command in database dropdown menu (K7ZCZ)
0002923: [Bug] HRDStation: unchecked call to mbstowcs_s() causes crashes (K7ZCZ)
0002925: [Bug] Logbook: CLI "db refresh" command causes crash (K7ZCZ)
0002929: [Bug] Logbook: Code in the DX Cluster implementation frees memory twice, uses uninitialized variables (K7ZCZ)
0002931: [Bug] Logbook: "Selection" pane choice isn't highlighted when re-opened, but still applied (K7ZCZ)
21 issues View Issues
0002911: [Bug] V6.4.0.888 DM and Logbook CRASH (K7ZCZ)
1 issue View Issues
0002704: [Bug] DM780: User reports crash with dump file (K7ZCZ)
0002735: [Bug] Logbook Lockup (K7ZCZ)
0002892: [Maintenance] Logbook build 886 30 Day Solar data url has changed (PD9FER)
0002891: [Bug] DM780: crash at shutdown due to poor concurrency control around CLogfile object (K7ZCZ)
0002899: [Bug] Logbook: divide-by-zero encountered in callsign lookup when machine has no hardware perf counters (K7ZCZ)
5 issues View Issues
0002876: [Bug] Build 881 Introduces Error in QSOs entered via JT Alert (k2dls)
0002795: [Bug] QSO Forwarding (UDP broadcast) API in Logbook doesn't work (for WSJT-X). (K7ZCZ)
0002802: [Maintenance] All: don't call EmptyWorkingSet() API (K7ZCZ)
0002834: [Bug] IOTA Island not Displayed in Modify Log Entry Dialog (K7ZCZ)
0002836: [Bug] Logbook: buffer overrun in Databases Manager code causes crash (K7ZCZ)
0002837: [Bug] Logbook Crash connecting to Cluster (Access Database) (K7ZCZ)
0002839: [Bug] Rig Control: bad parameters to mbstowcs_s() cause crash at startup (K7ZCZ)
0002840: [Bug] Rig Control: crash during display of License Dialog at startup in HRDStationValidate() function (K7ZCZ)
0002841: [Bug] Digtal Master: occasional crash when writing LogFile string from HRDInterface implementation (K7ZCZ)
0002844: [Maintenance] Misspelling in Logbook Compress and repair Database Dialog (K7ZCZ)
0002846: [Bug] Logbook: can crash when initialzing "My Station" tab of ALE (K7ZCZ)
0002847: [Bug] Logbook: can crash while drawing background of "Radio Screen" View (K7ZCZ)
0002849: [Bug] XML Manager: will leak error info, might crash if error when loading document (K7ZCZ)
0002850: [Bug] Logbook: BackgroundProcessingThread leaks two critical sections (K7ZCZ)
0002851: [Bug] Station: GetFileSignature() uses a ton of memory, crashes in low-memory situations (K7ZCZ)
0002852: [Bug] Logbook: IP CLI server passes invalid handle to wait function (K7ZCZ)
0002854: [Bug] Logbook: IOTA list is leaked at shutdown (K7ZCZ)
0002858: [Bug] Logbook: QSO Forwarding options are not correctly scoped (WA9PIE)
0002859: [Bug] Logbook: QSO Forwarding thread spins, wasting CPU (K7ZCZ)
0002862: [Bug] Logbook: Bad thread synchronization around lookup calls and REQUEST_SIGNAL_DATA structure (K7ZCZ)
0002864: [Bug] DM780 stops responding (g3ucq)
0002867: [Enhancement] Logbook: Databases Manager could use some enhancement (K7ZCZ)
0002871: [Bug] Not All Fields in WSJT-X QSO Broadcast Being Logged (K7ZCZ)
0002872: [Bug] QSO Forwarding Packets Sent by Logbook Have Invalid QSO Date (K7ZCZ)
0002873: [Bug] Logbook: ALE crashes on second use (K7ZCZ)
0002874: [Bug] Lat/Long Data Inconsistencies (Relates to API and QSO Fwd) (K7ZCZ)
0002875: [Bug] Log QSO from WSJT-X to Logbook Using UDP Fwd Causes Minidump (K7ZCZ)
0002879: [Bug] Logbook: should open databases configured as listeners for QSO Forwarding (K7ZCZ)
0002884: [Bug] Using Beta v.883. Updating a QSO causes the date to change (K7ZCZ)
0002885: [Bug] QSO Copy Paste Causes Minidump (K7ZCZ)
0002888: [Bug] Rows inserted via UDP Receive in QSO Forwarding are not inserted in the Target Database. (K7ZCZ)
31 issues View Issues
This release fixes issues with saving the State and with DX cluster performance issues.
0002797: [Bug] Logbook stops displaying spots normally (they're grey'd out and have the search folder icon in the far left column) (WA9PIE)
0002817: [Bug] Logbook: crashes when loading world map resource in main frame at startup (K7ZCZ)
0002819: [Bug] Logbook: DXCluster will try to use databases other than those configured for WSI lookups (K7ZCZ)
0002824: [Bug] Contact's "STATE" not logging in V6.4.0.873 (K7ZCZ)
0002833: [Bug] DX cluster is sluggish when changing between filters after program runs for a considerable amount of time (WA9PIE)
5 issues View Issues
This release includes 24 bug fixes, 1 minor enhancement, and 3 code maintenance items. With automatic tracking of crash reports to Microsoft, one of these bug fixes resolves a significant portion of the approximately 2% of the Logbook crashes being reported. All existing customers are encouraged to download and install this release for improved stability.
0002813: [Bug] Logbook: crashes when freeing REQUEST_SIGNAL_DATA structure in CountryLookup() function (K7ZCZ)
0002268: [Bug] IOTA field is not always populated from callsign lookup (PD9FER)
0002774: [Bug] DM-780 will not run (WA9PIE)
0000555: [Bug] HRD Logbook - Custom your own labels failed and can not delete any label. (ARMAN)
0001640: [Bug] Lat/Long, Heading, and Distance fields are not updating when the Locator (grid) field is changed (g3ucq)
0001659: [Bug] Label problem (ARMAN)
0001672: [Bug] Radio Buttons for path in Ant/Sat Tab of ALE will NOT save (K7ZCZ)
0001725: [Bug] Logbook - QSL Printing - font cuts off descenders (ARMAN)
0001843: [Enhancement] Label printing (ARMAN)
0002009: [Bug] DX Cluster Options Selection don't Save (KB3NPH)
0002028: [Bug] "New Window" command in Logbook list doesn't do anything (K7ZCZ)
0002098: [Bug] Logbook UI stalls for a while after connecting DX Cluster (K7ZCZ)
0002121: [Bug] Logbook crashes with multiple Awards windows open (K7ZCZ)
0002654: [Bug] Logbook: "Location" tab in the ALE has a misplaced control (K7ZCZ)
0002668: [Maintenance] Opening Logbook ALE with Logbook Tab open (K7ZCZ)
0002716: [Bug] Build 840 Logbook: QTH entry vanishes when manually editing an existing QSO (K7ZCZ)
0002761: [Bug] Uninstall process shows "Publisher Unknown" (indicating that setupHRD.exe is unsigned) (WA9PIE)
0002739: [Bug] HRD Rotator spontanious locking up/freezing build 840 (PD9FER)
0002758: [Bug] Digital Master Crashes on clicking FTP / FTP All in the saved Images window (PD9FER)
0002769: [Bug] Setup: doesn't install cleanly over older version (K7ZCZ)
0002773: [Bug] Digital Master: Main menu is missing keyboard mnemonics (WA9PIE)
0002776: [Maintenance] Cluster Spotfilters input not saved (K7ZCZ)
0002778: [Bug] Digital Master: SSTV menu contains disabled "Webring" command (K7ZCZ)
0002779: [Bug] All: applications won't produce visible minidumps when CRTL handlers are called (K7ZCZ)
0002785: [Bug] Bulk Update: Contest ID Dropdown List No Longer Displays (K7ZCZ)
0002791: [Bug] Logbook: ALE "country" tab might not populate (K7ZCZ)
0002796: [Maintenance] Feld Hell Club button in DM780 has incorrect link (K7ZCZ)
0002800: [Bug] Remote server and Serial Port server CFG files reversed in the setup options (WA9PIE)
0002804: [Bug] Logbook: DX Lookup code builds bad SQL, causes bad results and repeated SQL errors (K7ZCZ)
29 issues View Issues
Through the process of retesting items from the backlog, the following were found to be working or unable to replicate.
0001508: [Bug] MCW, CW(SSB) macro fails to set TX on
0001945: [Bug] LB Filter - set field to Freq and = plus freq results in no q's pulled up (NT9E)
0001847: [Bug] DM-780 tag for prgoram and programfull error
0001612: [Bug] Help window in Connect dialog is blank
0001613: [Bug] CAT Command Manager New/Edit window now lacks a description.
0001647: [Bug] Rig Control button icons missing or incomplete
0001316: [Bug] FT-920 When Logbook is connected to HRD, DM780 CAT commands are blocked.
0001454: [Bug] DM780 Supersweeper stops decoding
0001419: [Bug] Changing Frequencies via Favorites In DM780 Very Slow
0001394: [Bug] We are able to use the suite by using N3ZH'DM780 - RTTY Crashes
0001599: [Bug] IC-9100 VFO A and B not set correctly (NW7US)
0001653: [Bug] DM-780 SSTV Crash on option changes
0001742: [Bug] DM-780 Callsign lookup crashes DM-780
13 issues View Issues
This is a list of older items retested after the release and found to have been resolved by prior work.
0001387: [Bug] Waterfall running and stop
0001516: [Bug] Program Options > Logbook > Add Log Entry > Reset Defaults
0001582: [Bug] Tags not syncing properly with station config
0001602: [Bug] DM780 is copying wrong data from qrz.com (WA9PIE)
0001874: [Bug] after copy and paste time_off date is wrong (KB3NPH)
5 issues View Issues
This is a maintenance release. It resolves issues that the 843 installer had with replacing the HRD Remote Service with the new one.
0001771: [Bug] ALE window does not display certain characters properly (K7ZCZ)
0002770: [Bug] Setup: sometimes complains services already exist (K7ZCZ)
2 issues View Issues
0001998: [Bug] Upload record status not displaying as it use to.
0001913: [Bug] WSI are inaccurate in the 55x builds or are causing Logbook to freeze/crash (WA9PIE)
0001909: [Bug] WSI Station (S) inaccurately includes other stations confirmed with the same country (should be same station only)
0001747: [Bug] QSO Label print always prints wrong date (ARMAN)
0001866: [Bug] Date Display On QSL Labels (ARMAN)
0002301: [Enhancement] QSL label print - automatic set "QSL sent" to YES (ARMAN)
0000466: [Enhancement] Add show ARRL prefix as a column in layout
0001493: [Bug] ALE - RST format does not track mode
0002114: [Bug] Uninstall process has confusing UI (K7ZCZ)
0002287: [Bug] Ticket #389710 - HRD remote server will not start (K7ZCZ)
0002316: [Bug] Intermittement API reports data added when data NOT added (K7ZCZ)
0002650: [Bug] HRD Serial Port Server not able to Install / Run (K7ZCZ)
0002690: [Bug] Logbook: can still automatically create unwanted default logbook DB (K7ZCZ)
0002717: [Bug] Build 840 Logbook crashes upon opening (K7ZCZ)
0002723: [Bug] Setup: doesn't correctly manage service installation or uninstall (K7ZCZ)
0002724: [Bug] HRDSerialPortSvr: doesn't read command line arguments (K7ZCZ)
0002725: [Bug] HRDSerialPortSvr: doesn't read config file (K7ZCZ)
17 issues View Issues
0002199: [Bug] HRD Logbook stops responding (K7ZCZ)
0001357: [Bug] PSKReporter (WA9PIE)
0001465: [Bug] Manual frequency entry requires period between thousands/hundreds (K7ZCZ)
0001679: [Bug] eQSL upload is not showing warnings correctly (K7ZCZ)
0002169: [Bug] Non Sticky propagation track tab in ALE (K7ZCZ)
0002283: [Bug] Ticket #289104 - DM-780 Not reporting contacts already logged (K7ZCZ)
0002572: [Bug] Logbook build 794 Crash on Printing awardd status (K7ZCZ)
0002616: [Enhancement] Digital Master: Uses very old version of PSKReporter SDK (K7ZCZ)
0002649: [Bug] Award Tracking investigation (K7ZCZ)
0002651: [Maintenance] When closing Rig Control, it shows Closing DX Cluster (obsolete) (K7ZCZ)
0002663: [Bug] HRD Rotator window maximize error message with minidump (K7ZCZ)
0002664: [Bug] Receive misspelled in DM-780 (K7ZCZ)
0002667: [Bug] DM780: Quick Log tab has incorrect name (K7ZCZ)
0002669: [Bug] Web browser fix causes default web browser to open on first run after install. (K7ZCZ)
0002670: [Bug] Setup: installer image includes MSI engine (K7ZCZ)
0002673: [Maintenance] Icon for HRDSattrack.exe changed (K7ZCZ)
0002675: [Enhancement] Control-F" function (KC7FPF)
0002677: [Bug] Membership Check Disabled in DM780 Call sign lookup (K7ZCZ)
0002678: [Bug] Rotator Great Circle display has Black borders and degrees not fully showing (PD9FER)
0002683: [Bug] Logbook: potential for fatal deadlock (K7ZCZ)
0002688: [Maintenance] Remove browser buttons from Rig Control (K7ZCZ)
0002694: [Enhancement] Ticket #419258 - DM-780 Macro Editor will not accept "," in comment lines (K7ZCZ)
0002697: [Enhancement] Add Satellite award to VUCC Awards (K7ZCZ)
0002700: [Maintenance] Update Ham Radio Deluxe domain in URLs or links in the application (K7ZCZ)
0002703: [Maintenance] Cleanup: Should mark each executable with a checksum (K7ZCZ)
0002706: [Maintenance] Digital Master: Code exists that polls ham-radio.ch website for updates (K7ZCZ)
0002709: [General] Setup: installer shows "InstallAware" branding on almost every page (K7ZCZ)
27 issues View Issues
This release contains 60 public changes and eliminates 8% of the software development backlog. This change includes significant improvements to Icom CI-V commands, operability of the Kenwood TS-590, improvements to Logbook filter, QRZ lookup issues, HRDLog.net issues, IOTA importa/export problems, issues with PSK Reporter, updates to the country list, addition of Worked All Britain awards, all hyperlinks now open in the machine's default browser, elimination of crash scenarios, improvements in performance, and much more.
0002610: [Bug] Rig Control: TS-590SG can't set ALC speed (K7ZCZ)
0000562: [Bug] HRD rig control, "ALT" button does not work with Kenwood TS-2000 (K7ZCZ)
0002151: [Bug] Rig Control: Icom protocol handler doesn't correctly parse frequency change announcements. (K7ZCZ)
0002640: [Bug] rig Control: IC-7600 AGC setting control isn't correct (K7ZCZ)
0002642: [Bug] Rig Control: IC-7600 ATT setting control isn't correct (K7ZCZ)
0001500: [Bug] ICOM 7600 - CI-V commands issue for ANT and AGC switching (K7ZCZ)
0001799: [Bug] Logbook "automatically" creating "HRD My Logbook" (WA9PIE)
0002632: [Bug] Logbook: QRZ lookup doesn't handle non ASCII characters at QRZ lookup (K7ZCZ)
0001785: [Bug] Kenwood TS-590S/SG Tune button not working (K7ZCZ)
0001355: [Bug] TS-590 HRD Main Screen ATU button (K7ZCZ)
0001354: [Bug] TS-590 HRD Main Screen Notch-A and Notch-M buttons (K7ZCZ)
0001690: [Bug] Lat/Lon calc on Location tab incorrect when updating grid (K7ZCZ)
0001700: [Bug] Rotator - Edge column of Maidenhead grid legends not showing (JOSE)
0001879: [Enhancement] HRDlog.net issues (K7ZCZ)
0001906: [Bug] TS-590S Buttons mislabled or not working (K7ZCZ)
0002021: [Bug] License Manager: instructions identify button with incorrect name (K7ZCZ)
0002026: [Bug] IOTA island ID ADIF import/export problems (K7ZCZ)
0002200: [Bug] IC-7100 IC-7300 ATT Function not working and not able to remove Dropdown menu's (K7ZCZ)
0002224: [Bug] PSK Reporter - Browser Incompatible (K7ZCZ)
0002252: [Maintenance] Release notes not showing (pointing to wrong URL) (K7ZCZ)
0002257: [Maintenance] Cleanup: remove duplicate Rotator project (K7ZCZ)
0002260: [Bug] Build 787 Logbook Crash on Google earth lookup (as well as spring and fall equinox) (K7ZCZ)
0002318: [Enhancement] Make choice to use internal or external browser (K7ZCZ)
0002320: [Bug] DM780 crashes when selecting pulldown (K7ZCZ)
0002580: [Bug] Build 794 Logbook Crashes after clicking on cluster spots (K7ZCZ)
0002582: [Maintenance] change flags to reduce mindump sizes (K7ZCZ)
0002595: [Bug] The data Logbook sends to HRDLOG.net is not complete (field QSO_Date and Time_On are missing) (K7ZCZ)
0002597: [Bug] Logbook's "About" box has broken link to user manual (K7ZCZ)
0002604: [Enhancement] Logbook filter: Provide a filter reset capability to clear all filter fields (K7ZCZ)
0002607: [Enhancement] Logbook filter: Put the filter status messages in a box titled ‘Filter Status’ (K7ZCZ)
0002609: [Enhancement] Logbook Filter: could use an accelerator key to work the "Apply" button (K7ZCZ)
0002620: [Bug] Kenwood TS-590: Power slider goes to 200 (K7ZCZ)
0002621: [Enhancement] Kenwood TS-590: no "Lock" button (K7ZCZ)
0002622: [Enhancement] Update awards definitions file for next public release (K7ZCZ)
0002633: [Bug] Logbook: QRZ lookup of multi-part names doesn't work well (K7ZCZ)
0002655: [Bug] Update country list in source control (K7ZCZ)
0002661: [Bug] 803 RC build Digital Master freezes on PSK Reporter Test (K7ZCZ)
37 issues View Issues
This is the first release of 2018. This release includes the addition of the Icom IC-7610, resolves a Logbook exit problem, resolves "sort on LOTW date", API for QSO Forwarding now populates Logbook with My Station data, a number of fixes for the Kenwood TS-480, applications remember screen position, enable CI-V address to be entered directly, and a number of stability enhancements.
0001787: [Enhancement] Icom CI-V Address (K7ZCZ)
0002270: [Bug] Unrecognized countries in DX cluster always show up as Kosovo
0001865: [Bug] TS-480 Sliders Not Working (K7ZCZ)
0002251: [Bug] HRD Logbook does not remember possition on multi monitor setup (K7ZCZ)
0002281: [Enhancement] Add IC-7610 to supported radio's (K7ZCZ)
0002261: [Bug] Logbook API used by QSO Relay (and JTAlert) fails to populate MY STATION fields into QSO records (WA9PIE)
0002323: [Maintenance] Review, maintain, and correct any issues with the build machine (K7ZCZ)
0002167: [Bug] Setup: installs obsolete *.msstyles files (K7ZCZ)
0002175: [Bug] Logbook Filter options either do not appear or take a long time to appear (K7ZCZ)
0002246: [Bug] Award Tracking shows zeros (doug)
0002253: [Bug] HRD Logbook stops responding (K7ZCZ)
0002254: [Bug] Column LOTW Received date not sorting (K7ZCZ)
0002279: [Bug] Windows 10 version 1709 forces logbook close every 10 minutes (Roger)
13 issues View Issues
0002202: [Bug] TS-2000 crashes Rig Controll upons switching between Main and Sub VFO (K7ZCZ)
0002211: [Bug] TS-2000 - Immediate RC Crash when starting HRD (K7ZCZ)
0002231: [Bug] STX_STRING and SRX_STRING values are not being exported properly on ADIF export (K7ZCZ)
0000532: [Bug] DM780 About Box build chopped (n4kit)
0001332: [Enhancement] Logbook Filter Pane Should Be Static Rather Than Dynamic (K7ZCZ)
0001504: [Bug] Filter shows empty result (Parent) (K7ZCZ)
0001543: [Bug] SRX_string Layout attribute missing (WA9PIE)
0001855: [Bug] Neither of Ctrl-V or Shift-Ins work for callsign field in logbook filter window. (K7ZCZ)
0002034: [Bug] Mapper has link to old, non-company web page (WA9PIE)
0002064: [Bug] Logbook reloads even after aborted ADIF import (K7ZCZ)
0002066: [Bug] Mode "NONE" appears in Favorite edit list twice (K7ZCZ)
0002126: [Bug] Logbook Filter shouldn't be enabled for field if field dropdown is blank (K7ZCZ)
0002127: [Enhancement] "Logfile" tab in Logbook shows "Invalid Date Time" for some traces (K7ZCZ)
0002128: [Enhancement] Logbook filter is difficult to use (K7ZCZ)
0002179: [Bug] HRD Sattrack gives unexpected error on exit (K7ZCZ)
0002192: [Bug] Logbook: adding a new database causes NULL HDBC to be passed to ODBC (K7ZCZ)
0002206: [Bug] Logbook API Truncating Record (K7ZCZ)
0002208: [Bug] Program Options dialog has poor layout (K7ZCZ)
0002210: [Bug] poor layout in "Global Settings" page for Auto-Update (K7ZCZ)
0002220: [Bug] Logbook: logfile view shows tons of spew about "took n milliseconds" when DX Cluster is open (K7ZCZ)
0002221: [Bug] Logbook: might crash with certain values in "Receivied" or "Sent" descriptors of QSO (K7ZCZ)
0002228: [Bug] Logbook: leaks memory from global heap for each logfile message sent from HRDInterface001 (K7ZCZ)
0002235: [Bug] Logbook ALE Window ID disappears upon ALE reset (K7ZCZ)
0002240: [Bug] Adding 24th satellite craches satellite tracking app (K7ZCZ)
24 issues View Issues
0002039: [Enhancement] DMR or C4FM not in mode list
0001744: [Enhancement] Add new modes as options within Logbook
0002205: [Bug] Spelling issue in Logbook (K7ZCZ)
0002194: [Bug] Build 777 HRD Rotator Heron RT-21 gone from selection list (K7ZCZ)
0002185: [Enhancement] Add FT8 Mode to standard Mode list in Logbook (K7ZCZ)
0002201: [Bug] Logbook won't start on Windows Vista (K7ZCZ)
6 issues View Issues
0002189: [Bug] Rig Control: "Favorites" box went missing from "Selection" bar (K7ZCZ)
0002191: [Bug] Using WSJT-X/JTAlert will no longer save to Log (K7ZCZ)
2 issues View Issues
In this release, we have added Roofing Filters buttons for Yaesu FTDX-9000MP; 18 bug fixes, 7 stability improvements.

As releases are coming out with increasing frequency, we strongly recommend all Ham Radio Deluxe users remain current. Please download and install these releases.
0002078: [Bug] Sorting by band leaves 6m between 40m and 80m (K7ZCZ)
0002038: [Bug] Setup installs obsolete *.PAL files (K7ZCZ)
0002113: [Maintenance] Awards: window is pretty slow to open (K7ZCZ)
0001707: [Bug] Large ADIF import causes Logbook to crash (K7ZCZ)
0002092: [Bug] Rotator: bogus URL in about box (WA9PIE)
0002133: [Enhancement] Adding Roofing Filters buttons for Yaesu FTDX-9000MP (K7ZCZ)
0002136: [Bug] Mapper. Pop out info has Chinese characters. (K7ZCZ)
0002148: [Bug] Logbook: exporting data is extremely slow (K7ZCZ)
0002150: [Bug] Grid Square (Maidenhead) maps in Rotator not accurate. (K7ZCZ)
0002154: [Bug] Wrong spelling in DM780 Supersweeper Alarms settings (K7ZCZ)
0002155: [Bug] Heading displayed in DM780 / Worldmap is reversed (K7ZCZ)
0002157: [Bug] Logbook: crashes when closing with "Print Awards Preview" active (K7ZCZ)
0002158: [Bug] Trying to Restore a large logfile > 126K contacts gives Improper argument to popup (K7ZCZ)
0002163: [Bug] Rotator Display stops working when closing the About window (K7ZCZ)
0002165: [Bug] Logbook stops responding (K7ZCZ)
0002170: [Bug] Rig control buttons display wrong graphic (K7ZCZ)
0002172: [Bug] Logbook crashes after 2nd ALE edit (K7ZCZ)
0002174: [Bug] HThe Logbook stops responding (K7ZCZ)
0002181: [Bug] Logbook can crash when sorting some date types (K7ZCZ)
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0002131: [Bug] Rig Control: incorrect commands often sent to Yaesu radios (K7ZCZ)
0002003: [Bug] TT Orion extremely slow when switching bands. (K7ZCZ)
0001827: [Bug] Remove "PRINT SETUP" (KB3NPH)
0001875: [Enhancement] New Logbook Filter Option (K7ZCZ)
0002084: [Bug] Connect window has blank help tab (K7ZCZ)
0002096: [Bug] Satellite Tracker: broken "skins" UI remains (K7ZCZ)
0002106: [Bug] Rig Control: demo radio doesn't display frequencies correctly after VFO A/B swap (K7ZCZ)
0002117: [Bug] Sticky columns unstick after performing certain functions (K7ZCZ)
0002122: [Bug] Slow to open "PTT" and "Modes + ID'" in DM-780 Program Options. (K7ZCZ)
0002123: [Bug] Maidenhead locator squares are off not on correct possition (K7ZCZ)
0002134: [Bug] Rig Control: sends blank command to Yaesu, Kenwood radios during init of read-only button (K7ZCZ)
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0001529: [Enhancement] No Roofing filter buttons for FTDX-5000 (K7ZCZ)
0002054: [Bug] Bad ayout in "Your Information" tab of "DX Cluster Options" property sheet (K7ZCZ)
0002055: [Bug] "Connection" page on "DX Cluster Options" proeprty sheet doesn't lay out correctly (K7ZCZ)
0002093: [Bug] Setup doesn't successfully install Access runtimes when Access is already installed (K7ZCZ)
0002107: [Bug] Rotor indicating 180 degrees off (K7ZCZ)
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0002080: [Bug] RigControl: AGC state not correctly updated on Yaesu FT-450D (K7ZCZ)
0002004: [Bug] Logbook Data Corruption (K7ZCZ)
0002032: [Bug] Release Notes not showing (K7ZCZ)
0002035: [Bug] Mapper's "User Community" command leads to dead website (K7ZCZ)
0001561: [Enhancement] Turn some alpha fields into numeric (K7ZCZ)
       0001491: [Bug] Lat/lon field sorting as string, not number (K7ZCZ)
       0001403: [Bug] Sort logbook by LOTW Rec'd date gives strange results (K7ZCZ)
       0000495: [Bug] Null date fields not sorting correctly (K7ZCZ)
       0000569: [Bug] Unable to sort on custom columns (K7ZCZ)
0001928: [Bug] HRD Satellite Track Improper Argument Error (K7ZCZ)
0002024: [Bug] Memory leak in CBase64 class (K7ZCZ)
0002063: [Bug] Logbook's ADIF import dialog leaks a CImageList object (K7ZCZ)
0001391: [Bug] Sorting Log book via Columns (K7ZCZ)
0001776: [Bug] Logbook - if add custom fields and rename the field name - unable to sort column. (K7ZCZ)
0001818: [Enhancement] ALE Logbook Comments - LF wanted (K7ZCZ)
0002030: [Bug] Award T racking view in Logbook doesn't draw correctly when resized (K7ZCZ)
0002036: [Bug] ALE in DM-780 defaults to 2190m when no radio connected (K7ZCZ)
0002037: [Bug] Setup installs unnecessary CALL3.TXT file (ERIK)
0000474: [Enhancement] Add Remember column widths; eliminate empty columns (K7ZCZ)
0002020: [Bug] missing tool tip text "CW Pitch" (K7ZCZ)
0002053: [Maintenance] Cleanup: remove Changlist viewer/editor (K7ZCZ)
0002060: [Maintenance] Cleanup: Remove the Serial project (K7ZCZ)
0002065: [Maintenance] Cleanup: HRDExplorer project doesn't build (K7ZCZ)
0002071: [Maintenance] Cleanup: HRD project builds unused CMyBar class (K7ZCZ)
0000558: [Bug] Cannot "Remove" (delete) HRD Rotator Configuration profiles (WA9PIE)
0000451: [Bug] No word wrap in comment field in ALE. (K7ZCZ)
0001936: [Bug] Mapper: Gridsquares have Japanes characters in them (K7ZCZ)
0001938: [Bug] In DM, Abort button does not wrap around when making window narrower
0002033: [Bug] Setup installs two unused files (ERIK)
0002079: [Bug] My Maidehead locator is not accepted. (K7ZCZ)
0002083: [Bug] Rig Control: setting frequency with keyboard crashes rig control
0002086: [Bug] Missing tool tip text "TXW"
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Update prior to Dayton 2017 that corrected a number of stability issues and callsign lookup issues.
0001877: [Bug] Soundcard Calibration goes wacky after 5 min (WA9PIE)
0002012: [Enhancement] Add support for QRZCQ and HamQTH as callsign lookup options (WA9PIE)
0001994: [Bug] Incorrect parsing of fields in DM ALE (ERIK)
0001926: [Bug] Issue when downloading from EQSL (ERIK)
0002001: [Bug] Cluster spots not in time order (WA9PIE)
0001373: [Bug] IC-7200 - In DM780 TX does not always stop (user47)
0001999: [Bug] Parent: Various causes of MFC error that causes the program to crash (ERIK)
       0001935: [Bug] Logbook crashes when attempting to update WSI after saving a QSO when Logbook has been running for a long time (WA9PIE)
0002002: [Bug] DM-780 Callsign Lookup pane not being populated with all information (ERIK)
0001993: [Bug] WSI not calculating for some spots in DX Cluster (ERIK)
0001989: [Bug] Cluster blanking or blinking (ERIK)
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This was the first release of 2017. It included a number of stability items reported by our customers, including... cluster blanking and MFC errors within the DX Cluster pane.
0001616: [Bug] HRD Remote is not working in 6.2 beta (W4PC)
0001991: [Bug] Resolve issues with remote server (ERIK)
0001960: [General] Announcement formatting is broken (W4PC)
0001992: [Bug] When connecting to VE7CC-1, HRD Logbook is not sending the "sh/dx" or "sh/mydx" commands in the connect script (ERIK)
0001946: [Enhancement] DM780 - Add slider to Soundcard for RX level (KB3NPH)
0001967: [Enhancement] Create separate window that displays the active session in process (KB3NPH)
0001968: [Enhancement] New Mode request (KB3NPH)
0000592: [Bug] HRD F11 pops up 'Unknown' Output Slider - not Full Screen (WA9PIE)
0000454: [Bug] Alarms and Filters in DX Cluster are not saved until you exit and restart Logbook (Parent) (WA9PIE)
0001774: [Bug] When QSL Sent status is No, QSL Sent via shows "Default" in the logbook layout (WA9PIE)
0001514: [Bug] Awards Definitions Cannot Properly Define an "AND" Condition (WA9PIE)
0001628: [Bug] Issue with fields in QSL Cards in new version (WA9PIE)
0001706: [Bug] Clicking QRZ button in ALE when call has slashes sometimes causes Logbook to crash (W4PC)
0001738: [Bug] Callsign lookup doesn't happen unless you tab out of the callsign field (WA9PIE)
0001741: [Bug] Callsign lookup order is not being honored when populating the Country field in the ALE (WA9PIE)
0001848: [Bug] Cluster node name being appended to announcement messages (WA9PIE)
0001889: [Bug] Callsign lookup is not properly populating locator field when using TAB (works by clicking QRZ button) (W4PC)
0001905: [Bug] ALE Not Accepting Data Changes Properly (WA9PIE)
0001908: [Bug] WAS awards matrix includes entities outside of the 50 US States (WA9PIE)
0001953: [Bug] When spots are downloaded in the "initial lot", they do not all show up in cluster (ERIK)
0001964: [Bug] ALE display error (WA9PIE)
0001802: [Bug] DM-780 if you enable Modes tab - cannot remove it. (KB3NPH)
0001966: [General] Grey line options has been replaced with DXC options (WA9PIE)
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0000583: [Bug] Logbook - Can't seem to turn off Cluster Alarms (WA9PIE)
0000522: [Bug] TQSL Password does not migrate with upgrade (WA9PIE)
0000542: [Bug] Logging Software makes double entry og City when same call appears in DB more than once (WA9PIE)
0000500: [Bug] Alarm Not Functioning (WA9PIE)
0001369: [Bug] DX Cluster, bell icon alarm and highlighting deleted (WA9PIE)
0001350: [Bug] Slashed zero problem with DX Cluster (call outbound signing in to remote server) (WA9PIE)
0001455: [Bug] Cluster and FTDX5000 (WA9PIE)
0001437: [Bug] Logbook main window banner sometimes disappears (Kenwood TS-2000) (WA9PIE)
0001666: [Bug] ADIF import is not importing antenna field (WA9PIE)
0001698: [Bug] Logbook Time Zone Issue - problem with entering past logs: local to UTC conversion with DST (WA9PIE)
0001720: [Bug] Icons within the apps are showing up gray (WA9PIE)
0001795: [Bug] MySQL goes away, causes error in log (WA9PIE)
0001899: [Bug] WSI Information Missing in Logbook Lookup Pane (WA9PIE)
0001912: [Bug] HRDLogbook MFC Application-labels crash (WA9PIE)
0001917: [Bug] eQSL and LoTW Members update error (WA9PIE)
0001934: [Bug] Bulk editor (WA9PIE)
0001604: [Bug] Logbook V6.1.4.189 - ALE incrementing serial number (WA9PIE)
0001629: [Bug] DX CLuster WSI Color Option (WA9PIE)
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0001822: [Bug] FT-991 S Meter bar graph issue and Contour button not working (W4PC)
0001693: [Enhancement] Logbook - add support for direct QRZ Logbook Upload (W4PC)
0001809: [Bug] Rtty Cabrillo contest export (W4PC)
0001922: [Bug] Split turns off when HRD is connected (user62)
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0000478: [Enhancement] Add LOTW/eQSL indicator in ALE (top)
1 issue View Issues
0001356: [Bug] TS-590: JT65HF with HRD failure to transmit due to incorrect command (W4PC)
0001837: [Bug] FT-450 - no meter on TX (user62)
0001788: [Bug] K3S not changing frequency from bandmap (W4PC)
0001737: [Bug] TX button for IC-718 (W4PC)
0001819: [Enhancement] Add tuning/mode feature (W4PC)
0000574: [Enhancement] STFU: IOTA groups "needed" per continent compares with IOTA world total not continent total (W4PC)
0000541: [Bug] HRD 'Auto Exit' settings not saved (W4PC)
0001832: [Bug] DX Cluster Spot filter - won't filter on multiple callsigns (ERIK)
0001816: [Bug] Selecting "CANCEL" from Country Selection causes Logbook Crash (user47)
0001829: [Bug] LoTW uploads update logbook when upload fails (W4PC)
0001839: [Bug] Logbook crash if select cancel on multiple country selection (W4PC)
0001836: [Bug] IC7600 Antenna Changes (user62)
0001712: [Bug] Logbook - QSX FT-8x7 (W4PC)
0001812: [Bug] K3 Logbook Favourites not switching band (user47)
0001821: [Bug] MSCOMM32 component no longer supported (user47)
0001857: [Bug] 60m band - Logbook does not show band above freq 5.404MHz (user47)
16 issues View Issues
0000487: [Enhancement] STFU: Eliminate hard-coding of US States and Zones in awards (W4PC)
0001739: [Bug] STFU: Regular Expression logic in Country Manager isn't working (other problems with country lookup); cluster alarms & filters (ERIK)
2 issues View Issues
0001726: [Bug] Invalid Attribute/Option Identifier error (WA9PIE)
0001656: [Bug] After updating 7 to 10 QSO records, Logbook will crash (ERIK)
0000481: [Enhancement] Add “Send spot” from lookup
0000480: [Enhancement] Add Up/Dn arrows for ALE to go from record-to-record
0001623: [Bug] Rig Control - unable to customize dropdown buttons, possible to disable them (W4PC)
0001773: [Bug] Will not track RX and TX on 2 K3 radios
0001368: [Bug] Waterfall freezes (W4PC)
0001687: [Bug] DM-780 crashes when connecting to Flex 6500 via SmartSDR (W4PC)
0001562: [Bug] Split and Mode aren't working properly (Parent) (W4PC)
0001727: [Bug] Logbook - QSY from selecting DX Cluster spot will not work on KX3 (W4PC)
0001482: [Bug] Logbook causing drop-outs in DM-780 every 1 minute (user47)
0001547: [Bug] Clicking on Bandscope Options causes HRD to crash. (user47)
0001657: [Bug] DM-780 Voice announce alarms inop (user47)
0001709: [Bug] DM-780 memory leak causes program to freeze/crash (WA9PIE)
0001775: [Bug] IOTA Island not being added to database when selected from ALE's IOTA tab (ERIK)
0001642: [Bug] DM-780 macro changes will not save (user47)
0001674: [Bug] Build 276 does not display correct QSL status (WA9PIE)
0000463: [Enhancement] Add link (URL) in menu for YouTube channel (WA9PIE)
0001754: [Bug] Mapper Logbook Connectivity does not work (user62)
0001658: [Bug] Rig Control FT-950 User-U and User-L not available in favorites (user62)
0001605: [Bug] ALE in DM-780 is not using the same callsign lookup as Logbook (missing UCSDB at least) (WA9PIE)
0001806: [Bug] LoTW download not updating the log (WA9PIE)
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0000459: [Enhancement] Several issues in ALE dialog box of Logbook (WA9PIE)
0001524: [Bug] Column Width Issue in DX Cluster (WA9PIE)
0001477: [Bug] ADIF import (WA9PIE)
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0001982: [Bug] This is a test for email (WA9PIE)
0001824: [General] Hover text in ALE for Lat/long shows "Estimated Latitude of the QSO" (W4PC)
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0001609: [Bug] Errors in DM-780 and FSK-45 (user62)
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0001768: [Bug] DM Not checking for WSI (user36)
0001766: [Bug] DM-780 - Winkeyer Causes Crash (user5)
0001761: [Bug] Unable to show/hide Mini Log panel (user36)
0001760: [Bug] 1 to 2 second or more delay in keying/unkeying TRX (user36)
0001758: [Bug] DM-780 - Buffered text truncated when <STOP> is included (W4PC)
0001757: [Bug] DM-780 Winkey and CW (user36)
0001756: [Bug] Locator/State in DM ALE not populating from QRZ (user36)
0001755: [Bug] DM-780 WinKey Issues: stops - drops macro ends (user36)
0001753: [Bug] Prosign key assignments such as ( for KN and < for SK do not consistently transmit (user36)
0001752: [Bug] DM-780 Frequency quits tracking Rig Control after launch (ERIK)
0001681: [General] License keys being hidden or not being accepted (W4PC)
11 issues View Issues
0001450: [Bug] Elecraft: Several of the KX3 Buttons Do Not Select Their Intended Function (W4PC)
0001723: [Bug] KX3 RF power slider disables internal antenna tuner (W4PC)
0001544: [Bug] Rig Control does not properly change AGC on Icom 7600 (W4PC)
0001749: [Bug] DM-780 Build 308 - Connecting to RC causes DM-780 to crash (ERIK)
0001646: [Bug] WPX prefix for "slash" calls is still incorrect (W1AW/2 should be "W2") (WA9PIE)
0001704: [Bug] IOTA needs to be updated to reflect the 12 new ones (user5)
0000582: [Bug] RTTY (FSK 45) broken in .191 (W4PC)
0000563: [Bug] Radio remains keyed after sending any message (W4PC)
0001538: [Bug] 180 degree on the rotor (W4PC)
0000519: [Bug] Logbook has weird F11/Full Screen Behavior (W4PC)
0001540: [Bug] DX Cluster fixes (WA9PIE)
0001399: [Bug] Elecraft: For K3/100 RF power slider keeps resetting power to 5 W (W4PC)
0001557: [Bug] Doppler tuning does not work for PowerSDR SmartSDR Radio (W4PC)
14 issues View Issues
0001606: [Bug] IC-7600 ant select (W4PC)
0001665: [Bug] Winkey 1 hangs after sending 18 characters (WA9PIE)
0001701: [Bug] KG4 calls not being recognized in the right country (Guantanamo Bay vs. USA) (WA9PIE)
0001627: [Bug] MFC cause found; need to default fields in DX Cluster layout (ERIK)
0001620: [Bug] DSP filter selection for PowerSDR do not reflect PowerSDR Presets (W4PC)
0000589: [Bug] Error in 6.1 distribution CD (W4PC)
0000572: [Bug] Unspecified error (W4PC)
0000553: [Bug] Winkey option in DM780 presents COM3 for port and cannot be changed. (W4PC)
0001618: [Bug] Logbook Timezone Issue (user5)
9 issues View Issues
0001633: [Bug] Logbook - DX Cluster QSX behavior inappropriate (W4PC)
0001625: [Bug] Added Dstar messaging support for RC (W4PC)
0001622: [Bug] Logbook ALE window "Mode" does not track properly with PowerSDR (W4PC)
0001615: [Bug] Callsign lookup problems in DM-780 ALE (ERIK)
0001610: [Bug] Prefixes missing from DXCC report (new issue) (ERIK)
0001601: [Bug] Lookup pane's Country section doesn't match Cluster or ALE country in many cases (ERIK)
0001592: [Bug] Labels not printing (ERIK)
0001579: [Bug] "Worked:Mode on Band" WSI is not properly showing yellow yield (W4PC)
0001415: [Bug] Header sent to HRDLOG.net (ERIK)
0001383: [Bug] FT-897D Bugs (W4PC)
0001331: [Bug] Parallel port antenna switching does not work in 64 bit systen (W4PC)
0000539: [Bug] DM780 QSO window switches to CW when clicking on RSID recieved tags. (W4PC)
0000511: [Bug] Incorrect button response (W4PC)
0000485: [Bug] Export award drill-down to TXT or CSV (WA9PIE)
0001702: [Enhancement] User info in LoTW UL/DL screens (user62)
0000587: [Bug] Can not create Access My Logbook.mdb (ODBC / Registry issues) (W4PC)
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0001413: [Bug] FTDX5000 and HRD 6 (W4PC)
0001377: [Bug] Elecraft: K3: Button DATA (W4PC)
0000512: [Bug] Elecraft: On K3, NR button maps to ATU; ATU button does nothing - v6.1.0.171 (W4PC)
0000513: [Bug] Elecraft: Logbook Tune-Main & Tune-Sub Band Switch Functions Erratic With K3 (W4PC)
0001346: [Bug] Elecraft K3 (W4PC)
0001499: [Bug] Elecraft: HRD and K3 - Selected buttons not highlighted (W4PC)
0001550: [Bug] Elecraft: SPLIT button in the Rig control window puts radio in TX (W4PC)
0001551: [Bug] Elecraft: A > B button puts KX3 in transmit (W4PC)
0001617: [Bug] A>B and B>A buttons not working correctly for Kenwood TS-2000 (W4PC)
0001580: [Bug] FTDX-1200 still not in drop down selection (W4PC)
0001567: [Bug] Filter unneeded spots from the DX Cluster (ERIK)
0001558: [Bug] DM780 Program Options bug (WA9PIE)
0001556: [Bug] DDE control of radio not working (W4PC)
0001552: [Bug] With "Use Default Location from Country List if not found in ALE"... unchecked, Worked tab doesn't populate (WA9PIE)
0001548: [Bug] FSK not working (W4PC)
0001546: [Bug] The Country field is not cleared after Save or Reset in ALE (WA9PIE)
0001545: [Bug] ALE callsign entry and duplicates problem (W4PC)
0001539: [Bug] Fix or remove the SMS Alarm from the DX Cluster Alarms settings (WA9PIE)
0001536: [Bug] DM780 crashes when program option icons are selected. (W4PC)
0001534: [Bug] Fix digital reports in CQ DX Field (WA9PIE)
0001421: [Bug] Change modes - DX cluster (ERIK)
0000571: [Bug] ALE Logbook window does not clear (WA9PIE)
0000564: [Bug] Selecting any option button in DM-780 causes crash (Parent) (WA9PIE)
       0000525: [Bug] DM780 supersweeper crashes clicking options when not in same mode (WA9PIE)
       0000584: [Bug] DM780 Crash when pick Options viewing SuperSweeper (WA9PIE)
0000548: [Bug] Heading in dx cluster window often wrong (sometimes shows 180 degrees for stations without location data) (WA9PIE)
0000538: [Bug] Logbook ALE textbox incorrect behaviour (WA9PIE)
0000516: [Bug] Logbook does not time-out gracefully from failed DX Cluster connection (W4PC)
0000508: [Bug] DM-780 ALE QRZ > msg is truncated (W4PC)
0000492: [Bug] Spots from stations with SSID -# not being completely looked up for wkd/cfmd (WA9PIE)
0000477: [Bug] Add Clublog upload (download deferred) (WA9PIE)
0000452: [Bug] Logbook still tries to parse a "state" from non-US stations (WA9PIE)
0001611: [Bug] WSI for Modes are incorrect for many modes (ERIK)
0001389: [Bug] DXCluster (AR-Cluster) - Filter frequency doesn't work (WA9PIE)
0001378: [Bug] CQ Zones are inaccurate (ERIK)
0000576: [Bug] CQ DX Field Award - Errors in the summary sheets (WA9PIE)
0000529: [Bug] HRD 'K1EL Winkey' Crashes after selecting 'Track speed pot' (W4PC)
0000586: [Bug] Checked OPTIONS do not work in the macros (W4PC)
0000591: [Bug] Master residual skinning effect from skins removal. (W4PC)
0000543: [Bug] New cluster username-password problem (WA9PIE)
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0000575: [Bug] CQ DX Award (a non-LoTW award) counts LoTW confirmation and not worked entities, etc. as confirmed (WA9PIE)
0000578: [Bug] <STOP> micro in DM780 does not work for RTTY (45 FSK) (WA9PIE)
0000579: [Bug] DM-780 FSK RTTY Keying has 2-second TX hang at EOT (WA9PIE)
0000566: [Bug] The add portion of logbook, under rotator, the degree section is wrong and it will point my rotator wrong (WA9PIE)
0000524: [Bug] Propagation Tracking not sticky (WA9PIE)
0000528: [Bug] Backup runs constantly after downloading a lot of confirmed QSOs from eQSL oder LoTW (WA9PIE)
0000530: [Bug] rtty in fsk (WA9PIE)
0000476: [Bug] Add QRZ log upload/download (WA9PIE)
0000491: [Bug] Unwanted default value for locator (WA9PIE)
9 issues View Issues
0002508: [General] ALE Logbook tab not always showing other matching log entries (ERIK)
0002507: [General] Unable to manually enter Frequency in ALE (ERIK)
0002505: [General] F4 does not clear all location fields in ALE (ERIK)
0002506: [General] Unable to see the full dropdown of QSL Received (Direct, Electronic, Manager, etc) (ERIK)
0002502: [General] No minimize in ALE (ERIK)
0002503: [General] XML exports not working with non-English characters (ERIK)
0002504: [General] Audio Recorder crashes Logbook (Lame Encoder) (ERIK)
0002501: [General] the clock still says GMT, we need to rename that to UTC (ERIK)
0002497: [General] Added ability for users to migrate their settings from previous version (ERIK)
0002498: [General] Added ability to turn on/off the use of the country file as a source of populating the ALE when Internet look-ups fail to find a (ERIK)
0002499: [General] Date & time changing to current when updating QSO records (ERIK)
0002500: [General] Frequency field goes blank when using QRZ to update existing records (ERIK)
0002535: [General] The application isn't saving Kepler data. (ERIK)
0002533: [General] Google Earth crashes when you click it (ERIK)
0002534: [General] The application isn't saving Kepler data. (ERIK)
0002532: [General] Selecting HRD/Tools/DDE Monitor brings up a message saying "Ham Radio Deluxe has stopped working" and then closes. (ERIK)
0002531: [General] Entering Favorites in Favorites Manager requires leading 0's (ERIK)
0002529: [General] RSID link No longer works (ERIK)
0002530: [General] Satellite app wouldn't launch due to EXE rename (ERIK)
0002527: [General] Favorites has Problem with Frequency entry similar to ALE (did) and HRD (ERIK)
0002528: [General] Left click in RCV window brings up Callsign dialog; errors on blank line (ERIK)
0002526: [General] Reset in DM780 not resetting continent in More tab (next entry sets it) (ERIK)
0002524: [General] DM780 stops accepting characters in PSK mode (maybe more) after manual carriage return (ERIK)
0002525: [General] Winkey crashes DM780 when Test CW while DM780 set to other mode (ERIK)
0002523: [General] LF/CR characters being suppressed in RTTY (ERIK)
0002520: [General] References to SuperBrowser conflict with SuperSweeper (ERIK)
0002521: [General] Unable to edit/save macros in DM780 (ERIK)
0002522: [General] Odd characters in DM780 (described as "Chinese characters") (ERIK)
0002519: [General] when marking a QSO record for QSL Received, it was defaulting to the QSO Date, rather than the current date. (ERIK)
0002518: [General] F1 or F4 now clears the call from the minimized ALE (ERIK)
0002517: [General] Problem with the formatting of Cabrillo output (the NOTES BLOCK only 3 lines, Cabrillo disordered). (ERIK)
0002516: [General] In ALE Propagation tab, data does not populate even when Track checked (should populate (ERIK)
0002515: [General] Spelling; select a record an hover over Modify selected (ERIK)
0002513: [General] Print Preview crashes Logbook (ERIK)
0002514: [General] Audio Recorder does not create an Audio file (ERIK)
0002512: [General] ADIF import fails w/error ODBC driver does not support dynasets. (ERIK)
0002509: [General] country tab not populating consistently (ERIK)
0002510: [General] in ALE location, when F4 is selected to reset, it maintains values of the previous lookup. (ERIK)
0002511: [General] Dropdowns below Sent & Received in ALE QSL tab do not expand to show all options (Direct, Electronic, Bureau, & Manager). (ERIK)
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0002537: [General] CQ/ITQ Zone (ERIK)
0002538: [General] Logbook Filter (ERIK)
0002536: [General] IE browser crashes in logbook (ERIK)
0002549: [General] Converted everything except HRD.exe and HRDSync.exe to UNICODE (ERIK)
0002547: [General] We fixed a lot of non-terminated strings (ERIK)
0002548: [General] Ported code to Microsoft Vistual Studio 2010 (this is a major code migration) (ERIK)
0002546: [General] Commonized the folder name for all apps. (ERIK)
0002544: [General] Rig support for Eagle Added (ERIK)
0002545: [General] Excel XML export (ERIK)
0002542: [General] Beta Contest Mode (6.0 preview) (ERIK)
0002543: [General] Cabrillo exports (ERIK)
0002541: [General] XML Load Errors (ERIK)
0002539: [General] Batch mode import (ERIK)
0002540: [General] Backup and Restore, broken because of a change in Windows support (ERIK)
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0002553: [General] Kenwood TS2000 menu #28a shows a setting of 2 when in reality the setting is OFF. When the setting is changed and redownloaded t (ERIK)
0002554: [General] Added missing Tune button for TS2000 (ERIK)
0002551: [General] Having stopped tracking of freq, band & mode it is not persistent when the ALE window is closed and re---opened (ERIK)
0002550: [General] Selecting a new Callsign or Country must update the Location fields (ERIK)
0002556: [General] Extra lne feed problem in RTTY mode (ERIK)
0002555: [General] Winkeyer window becomes inaccessable if auto connect is used (ERIK)
0002552: [General] Clicking on a DX spot enters the stations details OK but does not enter the frequency and band into the ALE window (ERIK)
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0002562: [General] Support for Icom IC-7600 (ERIK)
0002563: [General] Support for Icom IC-7410 (ERIK)
0002566: [General] Performance tuning (ERIK)
0002567: [General] Change the Verified (Accepted) to Verified (Match) (ERIK)
0002568: [General] Confirm Delete QSOs should display number of QSOs to be deleted (ERIK)
0002569: [General] In the toolbar Logbook dropdown the 'selections' title need to be changed to 'Edit selections' or similar (ERIK)
0002570: [General] Add vertical scrollbar to My Station and other tabs on an 'as needed' basis (ERIK)
0002564: [General] Sync with ROC (ERIK)
0002565: [General] QRZ subscribe button (ERIK)
0002557: [General] QSL sent/received Date not honoring UTC setting (ERIK)
0002558: [General] It appears that the CQ zone is coming from the countries file and not from QRZ (ERIK)
0002559: [General] When 'First name' is selected only the first name is being displayed in the QSO which is correct but the entry to the logbook sh (ERIK)
0002560: [General] (sh/mydx/100) When you connect HRD5 to a cluster you are able to set how many spots you want to see. i.e. sh/dx/100. Change this (ERIK)
0002561: [General] Set mode (in addition to frequency) when selecting a spot; may need user-defined band plan table (ERIK)
0002571: [General] When the size of the ALE window is smaller than that capable of displaying the entire array of fields comprising the My Station (ERIK)
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