0003349: [Bug] No mnemonics for several items in Logbook's "Tools" menu (K7ZCZ)
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0003347: [Maintenance] Hide the "Owner" field in the My Station dialog (K7ZCZ)
0003351: [Bug] Remove HRDVerify from build (K7ZCZ)
0003327: [Bug] Spurious error message from License Key Manager (doug)
0003337: [Maintenance] remove old licenese manager and support code (doug)
0003340: [Bug] License Manager Dialog doesn't have keyboard accessibility (doug)
0003341: [Bug] questionable control ordering in license key manager dialog (doug)
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0003339: [Bug] License Manager Dialog doesn't edit content (doug)
0002707: [Enhancement] 30 day trial not available on installation (doug)
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