0001356: [Bug] TS-590: JT65HF with HRD failure to transmit due to incorrect command (W4PC)
0001837: [Bug] FT-450 - no meter on TX (user62)
0001788: [Bug] K3S not changing frequency from bandmap (W4PC)
0001737: [Bug] TX button for IC-718 (W4PC)
0001819: [Enhancement] Add tuning/mode feature (W4PC)
0000574: [Enhancement] STFU: IOTA groups "needed" per continent compares with IOTA world total not continent total (W4PC)
0000541: [Bug] HRD 'Auto Exit' settings not saved (W4PC)
0001832: [Bug] DX Cluster Spot filter - won't filter on multiple callsigns (ERIK)
0001816: [Bug] Selecting "CANCEL" from Country Selection causes Logbook Crash (user47)
0001829: [Bug] LoTW uploads update logbook when upload fails (W4PC)
0001839: [Bug] Logbook crash if select cancel on multiple country selection (W4PC)
0001836: [Bug] IC7600 Antenna Changes (user62)
0001712: [Bug] Logbook - QSX FT-8x7 (W4PC)
0001812: [Bug] K3 Logbook Favourites not switching band (user47)
0001821: [Bug] MSCOMM32 component no longer supported (user47)
0001857: [Bug] 60m band - Logbook does not show band above freq 5.404MHz (user47)
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