0001726: [Bug] Invalid Attribute/Option Identifier error (WA9PIE)
0001656: [Bug] After updating 7 to 10 QSO records, Logbook will crash (ERIK)
0000481: [Enhancement] Add “Send spot” from lookup
0000480: [Enhancement] Add Up/Dn arrows for ALE to go from record-to-record
0001623: [Bug] Rig Control - unable to customize dropdown buttons, possible to disable them (W4PC)
0001773: [Bug] Will not track RX and TX on 2 K3 radios
0001368: [Bug] Waterfall freezes (W4PC)
0001687: [Bug] DM-780 crashes when connecting to Flex 6500 via SmartSDR (W4PC)
0001562: [Bug] Split and Mode aren't working properly (Parent) (W4PC)
0001727: [Bug] Logbook - QSY from selecting DX Cluster spot will not work on KX3 (W4PC)
0001482: [Bug] Logbook causing drop-outs in DM-780 every 1 minute (user47)
0001547: [Bug] Clicking on Bandscope Options causes HRD to crash. (user47)
0001657: [Bug] DM-780 Voice announce alarms inop (user47)
0001709: [Bug] DM-780 memory leak causes program to freeze/crash (WA9PIE)
0001775: [Bug] IOTA Island not being added to database when selected from ALE's IOTA tab (ERIK)
0001642: [Bug] DM-780 macro changes will not save (user47)
0001674: [Bug] Build 276 does not display correct QSL status (WA9PIE)
0000463: [Enhancement] Add link (URL) in menu for YouTube channel (WA9PIE)
0001754: [Bug] Mapper Logbook Connectivity does not work (user62)
0001658: [Bug] Rig Control FT-950 User-U and User-L not available in favorites (user62)
0001605: [Bug] ALE in DM-780 is not using the same callsign lookup as Logbook (missing UCSDB at least) (WA9PIE)
0001806: [Bug] LoTW download not updating the log (WA9PIE)
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