0001768: [Bug] DM Not checking for WSI (user36)
0001766: [Bug] DM-780 - Winkeyer Causes Crash (user5)
0001761: [Bug] Unable to show/hide Mini Log panel (user36)
0001760: [Bug] 1 to 2 second or more delay in keying/unkeying TRX (user36)
0001758: [Bug] DM-780 - Buffered text truncated when <STOP> is included (W4PC)
0001757: [Bug] DM-780 Winkey and CW (user36)
0001756: [Bug] Locator/State in DM ALE not populating from QRZ (user36)
0001755: [Bug] DM-780 WinKey Issues: stops - drops macro ends (user36)
0001753: [Bug] Prosign key assignments such as ( for KN and < for SK do not consistently transmit (user36)
0001752: [Bug] DM-780 Frequency quits tracking Rig Control after launch (ERIK)
0001681: [General] License keys being hidden or not being accepted (W4PC)
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