0001450: [Bug] Elecraft: Several of the KX3 Buttons Do Not Select Their Intended Function (W4PC)
0001723: [Bug] KX3 RF power slider disables internal antenna tuner (W4PC)
0001544: [Bug] Rig Control does not properly change AGC on Icom 7600 (W4PC)
0001749: [Bug] DM-780 Build 308 - Connecting to RC causes DM-780 to crash (ERIK)
0001646: [Bug] WPX prefix for "slash" calls is still incorrect (W1AW/2 should be "W2") (WA9PIE)
0001704: [Bug] IOTA needs to be updated to reflect the 12 new ones (user5)
0000582: [Bug] RTTY (FSK 45) broken in .191 (W4PC)
0000563: [Bug] Radio remains keyed after sending any message (W4PC)
0001538: [Bug] 180 degree on the rotor (W4PC)
0000519: [Bug] Logbook has weird F11/Full Screen Behavior (W4PC)
0001540: [Bug] DX Cluster fixes (WA9PIE)
0001399: [Bug] Elecraft: For K3/100 RF power slider keeps resetting power to 5 W (W4PC)
0001557: [Bug] Doppler tuning does not work for PowerSDR SmartSDR Radio (W4PC)
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