0002508: [General] ALE Logbook tab not always showing other matching log entries (ERIK)
0002507: [General] Unable to manually enter Frequency in ALE (ERIK)
0002505: [General] F4 does not clear all location fields in ALE (ERIK)
0002506: [General] Unable to see the full dropdown of QSL Received (Direct, Electronic, Manager, etc) (ERIK)
0002502: [General] No minimize in ALE (ERIK)
0002503: [General] XML exports not working with non-English characters (ERIK)
0002504: [General] Audio Recorder crashes Logbook (Lame Encoder) (ERIK)
0002501: [General] the clock still says GMT, we need to rename that to UTC (ERIK)
0002497: [General] Added ability for users to migrate their settings from previous version (ERIK)
0002498: [General] Added ability to turn on/off the use of the country file as a source of populating the ALE when Internet look-ups fail to find a (ERIK)
0002499: [General] Date & time changing to current when updating QSO records (ERIK)
0002500: [General] Frequency field goes blank when using QRZ to update existing records (ERIK)
0002535: [General] The application isn't saving Kepler data. (ERIK)
0002533: [General] Google Earth crashes when you click it (ERIK)
0002534: [General] The application isn't saving Kepler data. (ERIK)
0002532: [General] Selecting HRD/Tools/DDE Monitor brings up a message saying "Ham Radio Deluxe has stopped working" and then closes. (ERIK)
0002531: [General] Entering Favorites in Favorites Manager requires leading 0's (ERIK)
0002529: [General] RSID link No longer works (ERIK)
0002530: [General] Satellite app wouldn't launch due to EXE rename (ERIK)
0002527: [General] Favorites has Problem with Frequency entry similar to ALE (did) and HRD (ERIK)
0002528: [General] Left click in RCV window brings up Callsign dialog; errors on blank line (ERIK)
0002526: [General] Reset in DM780 not resetting continent in More tab (next entry sets it) (ERIK)
0002524: [General] DM780 stops accepting characters in PSK mode (maybe more) after manual carriage return (ERIK)
0002525: [General] Winkey crashes DM780 when Test CW while DM780 set to other mode (ERIK)
0002523: [General] LF/CR characters being suppressed in RTTY (ERIK)
0002520: [General] References to SuperBrowser conflict with SuperSweeper (ERIK)
0002521: [General] Unable to edit/save macros in DM780 (ERIK)
0002522: [General] Odd characters in DM780 (described as "Chinese characters") (ERIK)
0002519: [General] when marking a QSO record for QSL Received, it was defaulting to the QSO Date, rather than the current date. (ERIK)
0002518: [General] F1 or F4 now clears the call from the minimized ALE (ERIK)
0002517: [General] Problem with the formatting of Cabrillo output (the NOTES BLOCK only 3 lines, Cabrillo disordered). (ERIK)
0002516: [General] In ALE Propagation tab, data does not populate even when Track checked (should populate (ERIK)
0002515: [General] Spelling; select a record an hover over Modify selected (ERIK)
0002513: [General] Print Preview crashes Logbook (ERIK)
0002514: [General] Audio Recorder does not create an Audio file (ERIK)
0002512: [General] ADIF import fails w/error ODBC driver does not support dynasets. (ERIK)
0002509: [General] country tab not populating consistently (ERIK)
0002510: [General] in ALE location, when F4 is selected to reset, it maintains values of the previous lookup. (ERIK)
0002511: [General] Dropdowns below Sent & Received in ALE QSL tab do not expand to show all options (Direct, Electronic, Bureau, & Manager). (ERIK)
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