0001606: [Bug] IC-7600 ant select (W4PC)
0001665: [Bug] Winkey 1 hangs after sending 18 characters (WA9PIE)
0001701: [Bug] KG4 calls not being recognized in the right country (Guantanamo Bay vs. USA) (WA9PIE)
0001627: [Bug] MFC cause found; need to default fields in DX Cluster layout (ERIK)
0001620: [Bug] DSP filter selection for PowerSDR do not reflect PowerSDR Presets (W4PC)
0000589: [Bug] Error in 6.1 distribution CD (W4PC)
0000572: [Bug] Unspecified error (W4PC)
0000553: [Bug] Winkey option in DM780 presents COM3 for port and cannot be changed. (W4PC)
0001618: [Bug] Logbook Timezone Issue (user5)
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