0001633: [Bug] Logbook - DX Cluster QSX behavior inappropriate (W4PC)
0001625: [Bug] Added Dstar messaging support for RC (W4PC)
0001622: [Bug] Logbook ALE window "Mode" does not track properly with PowerSDR (W4PC)
0001615: [Bug] Callsign lookup problems in DM-780 ALE (ERIK)
0001610: [Bug] Prefixes missing from DXCC report (new issue) (ERIK)
0001601: [Bug] Lookup pane's Country section doesn't match Cluster or ALE country in many cases (ERIK)
0001592: [Bug] Labels not printing (ERIK)
0001579: [Bug] "Worked:Mode on Band" WSI is not properly showing yellow yield (W4PC)
0001415: [Bug] Header sent to HRDLOG.net (ERIK)
0001383: [Bug] FT-897D Bugs (W4PC)
0001331: [Bug] Parallel port antenna switching does not work in 64 bit systen (W4PC)
0000539: [Bug] DM780 QSO window switches to CW when clicking on RSID recieved tags. (W4PC)
0000511: [Bug] Incorrect button response (W4PC)
0000485: [Bug] Export award drill-down to TXT or CSV (WA9PIE)
0001702: [Enhancement] User info in LoTW UL/DL screens (user62)
0000587: [Bug] Can not create Access My Logbook.mdb (ODBC / Registry issues) (W4PC)
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