0000575: [Bug] CQ DX Award (a non-LoTW award) counts LoTW confirmation and not worked entities, etc. as confirmed (WA9PIE)
0000578: [Bug] <STOP> micro in DM780 does not work for RTTY (45 FSK) (WA9PIE)
0000579: [Bug] DM-780 FSK RTTY Keying has 2-second TX hang at EOT (WA9PIE)
0000566: [Bug] The add portion of logbook, under rotator, the degree section is wrong and it will point my rotator wrong (WA9PIE)
0000524: [Bug] Propagation Tracking not sticky (WA9PIE)
0000528: [Bug] Backup runs constantly after downloading a lot of confirmed QSOs from eQSL oder LoTW (WA9PIE)
0000530: [Bug] rtty in fsk (WA9PIE)
0000476: [Bug] Add QRZ log upload/download (WA9PIE)
0000491: [Bug] Unwanted default value for locator (WA9PIE)
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