0001998: [Bug] Upload record status not displaying as it use to.
0001913: [Bug] WSI are inaccurate in the 55x builds or are causing Logbook to freeze/crash (WA9PIE)
0001909: [Bug] WSI Station (S) inaccurately includes other stations confirmed with the same country (should be same station only)
0001747: [Bug] QSO Label print always prints wrong date (ARMAN)
0001866: [Bug] Date Display On QSL Labels (ARMAN)
0002301: [Enhancement] QSL label print - automatic set "QSL sent" to YES (ARMAN)
0000466: [Enhancement] Add show ARRL prefix as a column in layout
0001493: [Bug] ALE - RST format does not track mode
0002114: [Bug] Uninstall process has confusing UI (K7ZCZ)
0002287: [Bug] Ticket #389710 - HRD remote server will not start (K7ZCZ)
0002316: [Bug] Intermittement API reports data added when data NOT added (K7ZCZ)
0002650: [Bug] HRD Serial Port Server not able to Install / Run (K7ZCZ)
0002690: [Bug] Logbook: can still automatically create unwanted default logbook DB (K7ZCZ)
0002717: [Bug] Build 840 Logbook crashes upon opening (K7ZCZ)
0002723: [Bug] Setup: doesn't correctly manage service installation or uninstall (K7ZCZ)
0002724: [Bug] HRDSerialPortSvr: doesn't read command line arguments (K7ZCZ)
0002725: [Bug] HRDSerialPortSvr: doesn't read config file (K7ZCZ)
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