Through the process of retesting items from the backlog, the following were found to be working or unable to replicate.
0001516: [Bug] Program Options > Logbook > Add Log Entry > Reset Defaults
0001387: [Bug] Waterfall running and stop
0001582: [Bug] Tags not syncing properly with station config
0001602: [Bug] DM780 is copying wrong data from (WA9PIE)
0001874: [Bug] after copy and paste time_off date is wrong (KB3NPH)
0001508: [Bug] MCW, CW(SSB) macro fails to set TX on
0001945: [Bug] LB Filter - set field to Freq and = plus freq results in no q's pulled up (NT9E)
0001847: [Bug] DM-780 tag for prgoram and programfull error
0001612: [Bug] Help window in Connect dialog is blank
0001613: [Bug] CAT Command Manager New/Edit window now lacks a description.
0001647: [Bug] Rig Control button icons missing or incomplete
0001316: [Bug] FT-920 When Logbook is connected to HRD, DM780 CAT commands are blocked.
0001454: [Bug] DM780 Supersweeper stops decoding
0001419: [Bug] Changing Frequencies via Favorites In DM780 Very Slow
0001394: [Bug] We are able to use the suite by using N3ZH'DM780 - RTTY Crashes
0001599: [Bug] IC-9100 VFO A and B not set correctly (NW7US)
0001653: [Bug] DM-780 SSTV Crash on option changes
0001742: [Bug] DM-780 Callsign lookup crashes DM-780
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