This release dramatically improves the application integration with WSJT-X and N1MM. The "QSO Forwarding" feature has been improved to where it's extremely easy to setup Ham Radio Deluxe Logbook to receive QSOs directly from WSJT-X as-if they originated in DM-780.
0002867: [Enhancement] Logbook: Databases Manager could use some enhancement (K7ZCZ)
0002876: [Bug] Build 881 Introduces Error in QSOs entered via JT Alert (k2ie)
0002795: [Bug] QSO Forwarding (UDP broadcast) API in Logbook doesn't work (for WSJT-X). (K7ZCZ)
0002802: [Maintenance] All: don't call EmptyWorkingSet() API (K7ZCZ)
0002834: [Bug] IOTA Island not Displayed in Modify Log Entry Dialog (K7ZCZ)
0002836: [Bug] Logbook: buffer overrun in Databases Manager code causes crash (K7ZCZ)
0002837: [Bug] Logbook Crash connecting to Cluster (Access Database) (K7ZCZ)
0002839: [Bug] Rig Control: bad parameters to mbstowcs_s() cause crash at startup (K7ZCZ)
0002840: [Bug] Rig Control: crash during display of License Dialog at startup in HRDStationValidate() function (K7ZCZ)
0002841: [Bug] Digtal Master: occasional crash when writing LogFile string from HRDInterface implementation (K7ZCZ)
0002844: [Maintenance] Misspelling in Logbook Compress and repair Database Dialog (K7ZCZ)
0002846: [Bug] Logbook: can crash when initialzing "My Station" tab of ALE (K7ZCZ)
0002847: [Bug] Logbook: can crash while drawing background of "Radio Screen" View (K7ZCZ)
0002849: [Bug] XML Manager: will leak error info, might crash if error when loading document (K7ZCZ)
0002850: [Bug] Logbook: BackgroundProcessingThread leaks two critical sections (K7ZCZ)
0002851: [Bug] Station: GetFileSignature() uses a ton of memory, crashes in low-memory situations (K7ZCZ)
0002852: [Bug] Logbook: IP CLI server passes invalid handle to wait function (K7ZCZ)
0002854: [Bug] Logbook: IOTA list is leaked at shutdown (K7ZCZ)
0002858: [Bug] Logbook: QSO Forwarding options are not correctly scoped (WA9PIE)
0002859: [Bug] Logbook: QSO Forwarding thread spins, wasting CPU (K7ZCZ)
0002862: [Bug] Logbook: Bad thread synchronization around lookup calls and REQUEST_SIGNAL_DATA structure (K7ZCZ)
0002864: [Bug] DM780 stops responding (g3ucq)
0002871: [Bug] Not All Fields in WSJT-X QSO Broadcast Being Logged (K7ZCZ)
0002872: [Bug] QSO Forwarding Packets Sent by Logbook Have Invalid QSO Date (K7ZCZ)
0002873: [Bug] Logbook: ALE crashes on second use (K7ZCZ)
0002874: [Bug] Lat/Long Data Inconsistencies (Relates to API and QSO Fwd) (K7ZCZ)
0002875: [Bug] Log QSO from WSJT-X to Logbook Using UDP Fwd Causes Minidump (K7ZCZ)
0002879: [Bug] Logbook: should open databases configured as listeners for QSO Forwarding (K7ZCZ)
0002884: [Bug] Using Beta v.883. Updating a QSO causes the date to change (K7ZCZ)
0002885: [Bug] QSO Copy Paste Causes Minidump (K7ZCZ)
0002888: [Bug] Rows inserted via UDP Receive in QSO Forwarding are not inserted in the Target Database. (K7ZCZ)
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