0002553: [General] Kenwood TS2000 menu #28a shows a setting of 2 when in reality the setting is OFF. When the setting is changed and redownloaded t (ERIK)
0002554: [General] Added missing Tune button for TS2000 (ERIK)
0002551: [General] Having stopped tracking of freq, band & mode it is not persistent when the ALE window is closed and re---opened (ERIK)
0002550: [General] Selecting a new Callsign or Country must update the Location fields (ERIK)
0002556: [General] Extra lne feed problem in RTTY mode (ERIK)
0002555: [General] Winkeyer window becomes inaccessable if auto connect is used (ERIK)
0002552: [General] Clicking on a DX spot enters the stations details OK but does not enter the frequency and band into the ALE window (ERIK)
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