0002562: [General] Support for Icom IC-7600 (ERIK)
0002563: [General] Support for Icom IC-7410 (ERIK)
0002566: [General] Performance tuning (ERIK)
0002567: [General] Change the Verified (Accepted) to Verified (Match) (ERIK)
0002568: [General] Confirm Delete QSOs should display number of QSOs to be deleted (ERIK)
0002569: [General] In the toolbar Logbook dropdown the 'selections' title need to be changed to 'Edit selections' or similar (ERIK)
0002570: [General] Add vertical scrollbar to My Station and other tabs on an 'as needed' basis (ERIK)
0002564: [General] Sync with ROC (ERIK)
0002565: [General] QRZ subscribe button (ERIK)
0002557: [General] QSL sent/received Date not honoring UTC setting (ERIK)
0002558: [General] It appears that the CQ zone is coming from the countries file and not from QRZ (ERIK)
0002559: [General] When 'First name' is selected only the first name is being displayed in the QSO which is correct but the entry to the logbook sh (ERIK)
0002560: [General] (sh/mydx/100) When you connect HRD5 to a cluster you are able to set how many spots you want to see. i.e. sh/dx/100. Change this (ERIK)
0002561: [General] Set mode (in addition to frequency) when selecting a spot; may need user-defined band plan table (ERIK)
0002571: [General] When the size of the ALE window is smaller than that capable of displaying the entire array of fields comprising the My Station (ERIK)
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