In this release of Ham Radio Deluxe, there are 97 individual updates to the software (plus 4 duplicates). By application, there are 26 in Logbook, 33 in Rig Control, 23 in Rotator, 13 in Satellite Tracking, and 7 in other areas (DM-780, setup, etc).

We resolved the three issues that were reported with the release - SAMCD error, installer doesn't complete and left HRD partially installed, and we restored the 3rd party serial port capability.

In Rig Control, there are updates for the Yaesu FT-875D, FT-891, FT-897, FT-920, FT-1000MP, FTDX-1200, and FTDX-3000; updates for the ICOM IC-7300, IC-7610, and IC-7700; and for the Kenwood TS-990.

In the Rotator application, we have validated changes for the Portable Rotation rotors (thanks, Will), Yaesu GS-232A/B, and HyGain DCU. We have unvalidated changes for the M2 rotor family (feedback from M2 users welcome).

In the Satellite Tracking, we've fixed about half the things in the bug list for this application. I'm excited to begin trying it out with life satellite QSOs.

In Logbook, we resolved a number of rig control issues where mode was not tracked when clicking on spots. You can now save column widths in the DX Cluster. More performance enhancements were completed.

We made a number of changes to enhance the security of Ham Radio Deluxe. We now conform to the direct connection specifications for QRZ XML lookups.
0001898: [Bug] DM-780 ALE Malfunction (KB3NPH)
0001956: [Bug] FT-991 Contour Filter slider not working properly (K7ZCZ)
0002225: [Bug] Can't control Parameter 114/115 on Yaesu FT-991A (K7ZCZ)
0002289: [Bug] FREQ_RX send in wrong formating to Log (K7ZCZ)
0002325: [Bug] Uploading log to QRZ sets the field eQSL Sent to Yes (K7ZCZ)
0002618: [Bug] Logbook: link to QRZ subscription in configuration dialog is 404 (K7ZCZ)
0002631: [Bug] FT-991A Inoperative Sliders (K7ZCZ)
0002722: [Bug] Setup: EULA has very old address for the company (K7ZCZ)
0002727: [Bug] Documentation: contains dead link to third-party website (K7ZCZ)
0002760: [Maintenance] FT-991 firmware upgrade makes HRD unusable (K7ZCZ)
0002793: [Bug] Logbook: "Web Log" dialog has help text that links to an obsolete website (K7ZCZ)
0002794: [Bug] Digital Master: "Copyright" help text mentions (K7ZCZ)
0002812: [Bug] Logbook: EQSL logging code may over-step array bounds (K7ZCZ)
0002826: [Maintenance] Setup: install newer VC 2013 runtime kit (K7ZCZ)
0002865: [Bug] V6.4.0.876 - FT-991A missing VFO-B in GUI (K7ZCZ)
0002890: [Bug] DM780: typo on "channels" tab in options page (K7ZCZ)
0002935: [Bug] Logbook: slow response from HRDInterface() can hang Logbook (K7ZCZ)
0002945: [Bug] N1MM Logger 80m contacts forwarded to Logbook captured as 93m (K7ZCZ)
0002948: [Bug] Logbook: Manual QRZ upload doesn't work reliably (K7ZCZ)
0002949: [Bug] Logook: Manual QRZ upload shouldn't try to upload when no items selected (K7ZCZ)
0002950: [Bug] Logbook: edit control on QRZ.COM dialog box is too small (K7ZCZ)
0002951: [Bug] Logbook: " Upload" dialog has edit control that's too small (K7ZCZ)
0002953: [Bug] FT-991 and FT-991A Frequency changes very SLOW! (K7ZCZ)
0002955: [Bug] Logbook: crash when working EQSL Upload dialog (K7ZCZ)
0002956: [Bug] DM780 crashes (K7ZCZ)
0002957: [Bug] New Beta Digital Master crashes on loading. (K7ZCZ)
0002959: [Bug] Rig Control: can't connect to DemoMatic radios (K7ZCZ)
0002963: [Bug] Icom Memory Management function erroneously reporting failute to update (K7ZCZ)
0002967: [Bug] All: all applications load city, state data even if they don't need it. (K7ZCZ)
0002971: [Bug] Rig Control: Layout Size isn't checked in context menu (K7ZCZ)
0002984: [Bug] Rig Control: FT991 is shown with "Roofing Filter" drop-down (K7ZCZ)
0002974: [Bug] Logbook: empty dates will not always sort correctly (K7ZCZ)
0002990: [Bug] Selecting Demomatic radio causes DM780 crash (K7ZCZ)
0002995: [Enhancement] Rig Control: could have a slider for FT-991, FT-991A "Quick Split" setting (K7ZCZ)
0002996: [Bug] Rig Control: buffer overrun crashes reported in port enumeration during Connect dialog (K7ZCZ)
0003002: [Bug] Logbook: throws assertion for missing string resource at startup (K7ZCZ)
0003003: [Bug] Cleanup: resources use inconsistent language IDs (K7ZCZ)
0003006: [Bug] Incorrect URL (g3ucq)
0001518: [Bug] FTDX-3000 CAT Commands - Buttons (K7ZCZ)
0001515: [Bug] FTDX-3000 Buttons Inoperative (K7ZCZ)
0001449: [Bug] ALC/POWER/SWR Meters not working on FTDX-3000 (K7ZCZ)
0002299: [Enhancement] FTDX-3000 Countour Slider missing (K7ZCZ)
0002314: [Bug] IC-7851 Mode does not changes on cluster spot selection (PD9FER)
0002627: [Bug] Miscellaneous fixes for FT-991 Rig Control (K7ZCZ)
0003010: [Bug] New installation: logbook crashes and produces minidump (K7ZCZ)
0003047: [Enhancement] move "Test" feature of Logbook's Callsign Lookup config to its own property page (K7ZCZ)
0003048: [Bug] Logbook can't lookup HamCall callsign when password contains special characters (K7ZCZ)
0003050: [Maintenance] Incomplete message in Callsign Lookup options beta v6.5.0.168 (K7ZCZ)
0003052: [Enhancement] Provide reliable web service with solar data in Logbook (K7ZCZ)
0003053: [Bug] Cache Logbook's most recent solar data locally (K7ZCZ)
0003054: [Enhancement] Update Logbook's solar data in each build (K7ZCZ)
0003059: [Bug] Logbook's redundantly loads same solar file three times (K7ZCZ)
0003060: [Bug] Logbook has redundant menus for the same solar data (K7ZCZ)
0002630: [Enhancement] Implement button access to Voice Recordings Playback Bank, 5 memories, using CAT Command PB Play Back (Yaesu) (K7ZCZ)
0002648: [Enhancement] Logbook: enable Filter to look inbetween QSO Dates (K7ZCZ)
0002749: [Maintenance] Rig Control: consider removing vCOM driver from product (K7ZCZ)
0002877: [Bug] FT-991 Rig Control meters to not work (KB3NPH)
0002991: [Bug] Rig Control: FT-991 and FT-991A have unsupported "VFO Dimmer" slider (WA9PIE)
0002940: [Bug] Logbook: Don't ship HRD001.DLL (K7ZCZ)
0002941: [Maintenance] LB: Solar Cycle Progression broke (WA9PIE)
0002952: [Bug] Logbook: link to Hamcall subscription in configuration dialog is 404 (K7ZCZ)
0002954: [Bug] FT-991A S-meter in RC GUI locks (K7ZCZ)
0002962: [Bug] Column headers truncated; "Width" button/function does not resize to the column header (K7ZCZ)
0002975: [Bug] Rig Control: FTDX 3000 Slider "45: Microphone Scan" has incorrect settings (K7ZCZ)
0002976: [Bug] Rig Control: FTDX 3000 Slider "54: CW Pitch" reads correct values but doesn't set values (K7ZCZ)
0002977: [Bug] Rig Control: FTDX 3000 TX and RX Polarity sliders don't works (K7ZCZ)
0002978: [Bug] Rig Control: FTDX 3000 "096 Data Output Level" slider doesn't work (WA9PIE)
0002980: [Bug] Rig Control: FTDX 3000 EQ Frequency and Level sliders don't work (K7ZCZ)
0002981: [Bug] Rig Control: FTDX 3000 Parametric EQ Frequency and Level sliders don't work (K7ZCZ)
0002986: [Bug] Rig Control: APF and Contour on/off buttons don't work for FT-991 (K7ZCZ)
0002999: [Bug] Rig Control: can't set FT-991 to C4FM mode (K7ZCZ)
0002992: [Bug] Rig Control: FT-991 and FT-991A "Keypad Brightness" slider doesn't work (WA9PIE)
0002993: [Bug] Rig Control: FT-991 and FT-991A "Microphone Scan" slider has opposite effect (K7ZCZ)
0003007: [Enhancement] Rig Control: implement support for Yaesu keyer memories (K7ZCZ)
0003011: [Bug] Logbook: Can't drag-and-drop enabled callsign lookup sources in configuration dialog (K7ZCZ)
0003015: [Maintenance] Logobook ALE lookup code is overrun by copy-and-paste (K7ZCZ)
0003016: [Bug] Logbook closes. (K7ZCZ)
0003019: [Enhancement] Build script should mark MIME type of files uploaded to Google Drive (WA9PIE)
0003035: [Bug] RAC Lookup leaks memory on failure (K7ZCZ)
0003036: [Bug] Logbook crashes when attempting to print labels after enabling new label printing (ARMAN)
0003037: [Bug] logbook should use HTTPS to access HamQTH online callsign lookup service (K7ZCZ)
0003038: [Bug] Logbook can't lookup HamQTH callsign when password contains special characters (K7ZCZ)
0003039: [Bug] Yaesu FT-991A and FTDX-3000 not keying Via Rigcontroll and DM-780 Beta (K7ZCZ)
0003043: [Maintenance] Update copyright notices to 2019 (K7ZCZ)
0003045: [Bug] Hamcall.Net callsign lookup in Logbook causes crash (K7ZCZ)
0003046: [Enhancement] move controls for the config of each Logbook Callsign Lookup data source their own property page (K7ZCZ)
0003144: [Bug] Cluster Column widths change (g3ucq)
0000567: [Bug] HRD Rotor unable to connect to M-Squared RC2800P-A (JOSE)
0001654: [Bug] Rotator - M2 AZ/EL setup incorrect (WA9PIE)
0002234: [Bug] M2 AZ/EL Gauges in Rotor Control not working (JOSE)
0003175: [Enhancement] Grab GPS information from Portable Rotator AZ/EL (JOSE)
0003190: [Bug] Cannot connect to rotor controller due to baud rate problem (GS-232B) (JOSE)
0003193: [Bug] M2 Rotator Controller is not using the Refresh rate from the GUI (JOSE)
0003199: [Bug] Mini-dump created for Rotator app (JOSE)
0001342: [Bug] Heron RT-21 rotator not working, rotator control via remote not working (JOSE)
0002771: [Bug] Green Heron Rotator RT-21 will not connect (JOSE)
0001921: [Bug] Heron RT-21 Az/El issue (JOSE)
0002698: [Bug] IC-7300 Vd Inconsistency between radio and HRD Display (K7ZCZ)
0000556: [Bug] HRD Rotator does not update Azimuth gauge display (JOSE)
0000557: [Bug] HRD Rotator unable to reconnect to correct COM port after disconnect (JOSE)
0000561: [Bug] Elevation does not display in Rotator Gauge (JOSE)
0001347: [Bug] Rotor Program (JOSE)
0001384: [Bug] Rotators with south stop stop positions (Yaesu G-540) do not work correctly (JOSE)
0001637: [Bug] Rotator DCU-2 North/South Stop not working correctly (JOSE)
0001689: [Bug] Yaesu Rotor not pointing accurately. (JOSE)
0001715: [Bug] Rotator - "Flip 180" button does not work (JOSE)
0001716: [Bug] Rotator - Plot station and display callsign in rotator. (JOSE)
0002005: [Bug] Issue with Yaesu GS-232B az/el emulation in Arduino K3NG controller (JOSE)
0002209: [Bug] GS232B-AZ/EL in Rotator does not display elevation info (JOSE)
0002243: [Bug] FT-857D Not showing and tracking Mode (PD9FER)
0002269: [Bug] Rotator stops responding and MYstation not positioned correctly (JOSE)
0002286: [Bug] Yaesu FT-1000MP Mark-V Field. Logbook ALE not tracking Mode (KC7FPF)
0002696: [Maintenance] Importing Logfile 155,000 + QSO's crashes LB (WA9PIE)
0002970: [Enhancement] Rig Control: consider enhancing drop-down list buttons for mismatched response groups (K7ZCZ)
0003058: [Maintenance] FTDX-3000 600 Hz Button not displaying the state it is in (K7ZCZ)
0003070: [Bug] Opening Command Tester in Rig Control is very slow (K7ZCZ)
0003076: [Bug] 3rd-Party Serial Port dialog is slow to open (K7ZCZ)
0003080: [Bug] V6.5.0.183 No automatic restart of install after C++ 2017 runtime is installed. (K7ZCZ)
0003082: [Maintenance] IC-7610 Volt & Ampere values are wrongly displayed in Rig Control (K7ZCZ)
0003102: [Bug] Satellite Tracker shows weird dates for "Last Update" column (K7ZCZ)
0003105: [Bug] "Readme Satellites.txt" file in program files Satellites directory isn't used (K7ZCZ)
0003106: [Bug] "HRD Satellite List.txt" file in program files Satellites directory isn't used (K7ZCZ)
0003107: [Bug] "HRD Satellite Default List.txt" file in program files Satellites directory isn't used (K7ZCZ)
0003108: [Bug] amateur.txt file in program files Satellites directory isn't used (K7ZCZ)
0003120: [Bug] FT-891 Proc EQ1 Freq and Proc EQ2 frequency settings don't work correctly (K7ZCZ)
0003145: [Bug] Enhance logging output of callsign lookup feature (K7ZCZ)
0003147: [Bug] Logbook callsign lookup data source doesn't return much data (K7ZCZ)
0003148: [Bug] Digital Master formerly stored EQSL, QRZ passwords in plain text (K7ZCZ)
0003151: [Bug] FTDX-3000 "AGC" setting doesn't show "auto" (K7ZCZ)
0003152: [Enhancement] Add seconds to the hh:mm display above the "Next Pass" time graphs (K7ZCZ)
0003153: [Bug] Mode setting doesn't work for Yaesu FT-920 (K7ZCZ)
0003154: [Bug] Filter widths can't be read or set for Yaseu FT-920 (K7ZCZ)
0003160: [Bug] ALE leaks checked listbox, dialog boxes, for each invocation (K7ZCZ)
0003164: [Bug] Logbook stores SMTP credentials as plain text (K7ZCZ)
0003170: [Bug] Rig Control sometimes shows duplicate COM ports (K7ZCZ)
0003171: [Bug] Rig Control has an unused "use Internet" setting (K7ZCZ)
0003172: [Bug] Rig Control has an unused "Updates" setting (K7ZCZ)
0003178: [Bug] JTAlert QSO forwarding causes a mini dump to be created (K7ZCZ)
0003180: [Bug] Progress bar in ADIF import doesn't work correctly (K7ZCZ)
0001310: [Bug] Logbook Column Alignment Not Working (K7ZCZ)
0001779: [Bug] Yaesu Rotor Visual Display Corrupted (JOSE)
0001443: [Bug] Rotator dial does not show real-time movement (JOSE)
0001564: [Bug] Line in "Next Passes" no longer follows the satellite across the horizon (WA9PIE)
0001728: [Bug] IC-7700 add on/off functionality to Rig Control (K7ZCZ)
0001833: [Bug] HRD Rotor - When South Stop is selected, East becomes 270 dgrees (JOSE)
0002602: [Bug] FT-897 Mode in Logbook not tracking when changing from Radio dial. (KC7FPF)
0002863: [Enhancement] please add the words Day, Month, and Year format to QSL label printing (ARMAN)
0003066: [Enhancement] Logbook callsign lookup configuration could identify USB sticks and show volume names (K7ZCZ)
0002988: [Enhancement] Add ability to save column widths in DX Cluster (K7ZCZ)
0003014: [Bug] CQ WPX Digital award is not correctly counting QSOs that have tagged as Granted (K7ZCZ)
0003021: [Bug] Most files in Program Files (x86)\HRD Software LLC\Ham Radio Deluxe\Defaults mention HB9DRV (K7ZCZ)
0003024: [Bug] "Default Scheme" files mention HB9DRV (K7ZCZ)
0003049: [Bug] V6.4.0.907 - ALE showing Double City in fields (K7ZCZ)
0003056: [Bug] New label printing generates error when "Enable Automatic QSL Sent To the Following" is used (ARMAN)
0003061: [Bug] Mini-dump generated after repeatedly changing satellites (K7ZCZ)
0003067: [Bug] A few HRD links are HTTP and should be HTTPS (K7ZCZ)
0003069: [Bug] Kiss mode setting should be removed (K7ZCZ)
0003072: [Bug] "LDG Electronics ATU" pane takes a long time to open (K7ZCZ)
0003073: [Bug] restore "3rd Party Serial Port" menu in Rig Control (K7ZCZ)
0003075: [Bug] 3rd-Party Serial Port dialog doesn't resize correctly (K7ZCZ)
0003077: [Bug] 3rd-Party Serial Port dialog shows bogus bit rate (K7ZCZ)
0003079: [Bug] V6.5.0.183 error in Callsign Lookup SAMCD Error (K7ZCZ)
0003085: [Bug] Logbook's band buttons don't tune FT-891 radio (K7ZCZ)
0003088: [Bug] band buttons on Logbook's Tuning (Sub) pane don't change frequency of radio (K7ZCZ)
0003089: [Bug] "Monitor" pane in Logbook uses lots of CPU (K7ZCZ)
0003090: [Bug] Time shown below each of the passes in the "Next Passes" pane are off by 60 minutes late (K7ZCZ)
0003091: [Bug] Line numbers not being in Logbook Printouts (K7ZCZ)
0003092: [Bug] Satellite Tracker should use monospace font in Logfile window (K7ZCZ)
0003093: [Bug] Satellite Tracker needlessly walks memory at startup (K7ZCZ)
0003097: [Bug] Satellite Tracker logfile view window always scrolls to the bottom (K7ZCZ)
0003109: [Bug] FT-891 "key pitch" slider doesn't work correctly (K7ZCZ)
0003110: [Bug] FT-891 noise blanker level slider range doesn't match radio; doesn't follow radio (K7ZCZ)
0003113: [Bug] FT-891 "AGC" setting doesn't show "auto" (K7ZCZ)
0003115: [Bug] FT-891 "025 NB Level" slider doesn't work correctly (K7ZCZ)
0003116: [Bug] FT-891 "037 Microphone Scan" slider indicates and sets opposite of radio setting (K7ZCZ)
0003117: [Bug] FT-891 "Shift frequency" range isn't correct; can't be controlled from Rig Control (K7ZCZ)
0003118: [Bug] FT-891 EQ1 Freq and EQ2 frequency settings don't work correctly (K7ZCZ)
0003119: [Bug] FT-891 EQ1 Level, EQ2 Level, and EQ3 Level sliders don't work correctly (K7ZCZ)
0003135: [Bug] Logbook's MessageDate() function isn't useful (K7ZCZ)
0003136: [Bug] TS-990 Not powering off afterRig Control prompting for it. (K7ZCZ)
0003137: [Bug] FT-991 noise blanker level slider range doesn't match radio; doesn't follow radio (K7ZCZ)
0003138: [Bug] The EL gauge display for Portable Rotator (JOSE)
0003140: [Bug] SystemTimeTotimet() copy-paste function is broken (K7ZCZ)
0003143: [Maintenance] We need to update the Propagation Modes in Logbook to match the current ADIF enumeration (K7ZCZ)
0003185: [Bug] Logbook's metadata structures could be faster (K7ZCZ)
0003186: [Bug] "Encountered an improper argument" when launching Rig Control (K7ZCZ)
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