This is a small release to take action on a small handful of issues reported following the release. This version corrects the Doppler shift for the uplink frequency, saves eQSL settings, corrects a couple awards reporting issues, and speeds up the launching of the great circle map in Rotator.

We've made some stop-gap improvements to the Rotator lat/long, azimuth and distance data in the ALE. This will enable operators with rotor controllers to direct their rotor with improved accuracy. To be clear, we're not done with this. There are a number of things that are related to the callsign lookup function that are not working as designed. It's our intention to revise this logic - which will include improving the quality of the beam heading and distance data and will resolve issues reported to us regarding the population of QTH.
0002736: [Bug] Unable to connect to M2 AZ Rotator (KB3NPH)
0003083: [Bug] The Rotator Great Circle Map is slow to appear. (K7ZCZ)
0003094: [Bug] Doppler frequency adjustment for uplink VFO goes in the wrong directcion (K7ZCZ)
0003195: [Bug] Logbook: Build eQSL setting won't retain (K7ZCZ)
0003200: [Bug] Awards changes in had some unintended changes that caused problems (K7ZCZ)
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