This release contains two important changes.
One - this release provides for the addition of the Submode field. This enables FT4 QSOs to be correctly entered into Logbook, correctly uploaded into LOTW (or the like), and correctly matched when downloaded from LOTW (or the like). And two - it solves a problem where software activation keys cannot be deactivated on the machine from either the client or the web portal.
0003560: [Bug] HRD Logbook API query involving call sign causes Logbook to crash.
0003504: [Bug] Using QSO Forwarding FT4 is put in the log as MFSK (DOUG)
0003584: [Bug] FT4 Contacts not logged properly in Logbook to allow confirmations from LoTW (DOUG)
0003655: [Bug] Populate drop-down list for SubMode in Bulk Editor (DOUG)
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