0000583: [Bug] Logbook - Can't seem to turn off Cluster Alarms (WA9PIE)
0000522: [Bug] TQSL Password does not migrate with upgrade (WA9PIE)
0000542: [Bug] Logging Software makes double entry og City when same call appears in DB more than once (WA9PIE)
0000500: [Bug] Alarm Not Functioning (WA9PIE)
0001369: [Bug] DX Cluster, bell icon alarm and highlighting deleted (WA9PIE)
0001350: [Bug] Slashed zero problem with DX Cluster (call outbound signing in to remote server) (WA9PIE)
0001455: [Bug] Cluster and FTDX5000 (WA9PIE)
0001437: [Bug] Logbook main window banner sometimes disappears (Kenwood TS-2000) (WA9PIE)
0001666: [Bug] ADIF import is not importing antenna field (WA9PIE)
0001698: [Bug] Logbook Time Zone Issue - problem with entering past logs: local to UTC conversion with DST (WA9PIE)
0001720: [Bug] Icons within the apps are showing up gray (WA9PIE)
0001795: [Bug] MySQL goes away, causes error in log (WA9PIE)
0001899: [Bug] WSI Information Missing in Logbook Lookup Pane (WA9PIE)
0001912: [Bug] HRDLogbook MFC Application-labels crash (WA9PIE)
0001917: [Bug] eQSL and LoTW Members update error (WA9PIE)
0001934: [Bug] Bulk editor (WA9PIE)
0001604: [Bug] Logbook V6.1.4.189 - ALE incrementing serial number (WA9PIE)
0001629: [Bug] DX CLuster WSI Color Option (WA9PIE)
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