In this release, we have added Roofing Filters buttons for Yaesu FTDX-9000MP; 18 bug fixes, 7 stability improvements.

As releases are coming out with increasing frequency, we strongly recommend all Ham Radio Deluxe users remain current. Please download and install these releases.
0002078: [Bug] Sorting by band leaves 6m between 40m and 80m (K7ZCZ)
0002038: [Bug] Setup installs obsolete *.PAL files (K7ZCZ)
0002113: [Maintenance] Awards: window is pretty slow to open (K7ZCZ)
0001707: [Bug] Large ADIF import causes Logbook to crash (K7ZCZ)
0002092: [Bug] Rotator: bogus URL in about box (WA9PIE)
0002133: [Enhancement] Adding Roofing Filters buttons for Yaesu FTDX-9000MP (K7ZCZ)
0002136: [Bug] Mapper. Pop out info has Chinese characters. (K7ZCZ)
0002148: [Bug] Logbook: exporting data is extremely slow (K7ZCZ)
0002150: [Bug] Grid Square (Maidenhead) maps in Rotator not accurate. (K7ZCZ)
0002154: [Bug] Wrong spelling in DM780 Supersweeper Alarms settings (K7ZCZ)
0002155: [Bug] Heading displayed in DM780 / Worldmap is reversed (K7ZCZ)
0002157: [Bug] Logbook: crashes when closing with "Print Awards Preview" active (K7ZCZ)
0002158: [Bug] Trying to Restore a large logfile > 126K contacts gives Improper argument to popup (K7ZCZ)
0002163: [Bug] Rotator Display stops working when closing the About window (K7ZCZ)
0002165: [Bug] Logbook stops responding (K7ZCZ)
0002170: [Bug] Rig control buttons display wrong graphic (K7ZCZ)
0002172: [Bug] Logbook crashes after 2nd ALE edit (K7ZCZ)
0002174: [Bug] HThe Logbook stops responding (K7ZCZ)
0002181: [Bug] Logbook can crash when sorting some date types (K7ZCZ)
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