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00013103 - Current Dev ListBugpublic2019-01-21 02:36
Assigned ToK7ZCZ 
Status closedResolutionfixed 
PlatformWin XP SP3OSWin XP SP3OS Version
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Target VersionFixed in Version6.5.0.187 
Summary0001310: Logbook Column Alignment Not Working
DescriptionUnable to change alignment of logbook column data.
Steps To ReproduceOpen logbook.

Right click column heading.


Chose "Align Left" "Align Center" "Align Right"

Alignment of data does not change.
Additional InformationReported by KH2D
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Testing Beta Successful


has duplicate 0002097 closedK7ZCZ 4 - Closed w/o Action Logbook column alignment selection not working 
has duplicate 0002811 closedg3ucq 4 - Closed w/o Action Logbook column allignment does not work 



2014-01-30 22:22

administrator   ~0000209

Replicated and Confirmed


2017-03-05 21:46

administrator   ~0003111

Confirmed in 633


2017-06-25 22:19

administrator   ~0003320

Confirmed as a remaining problem in 654


2017-07-10 19:48

manager   ~0003612

Super curious problem. The CodeJock library gives us the header control and list view control in the Logbook's view.

It's the header control that offers the menu to change alignment. It has code to react to those menu commands; that code should flick the status bits on the column and force them to draw aligned.

Because our PDBs are broken, I can't debug into the CodeJock code to see if that code is actually working.

However, if I add code that dumps the alignment for columns, it never shows me that an alignment is set. And if I write code that slams the alignment ot an i dentifiable value when the column is created, it also doesn't work.

So, something's up here, but I can't see what it is. I'm suspicious that the CodeJock wrapper for the list view control we're trying to use is doing something we don't expect, but I don't have documentation for the Codejock library.


2017-07-10 20:08

manager   ~0003613

Fiddled with it a little more, and I CAN set the alignment manually in code. So the problem is between the CodeJock header menu items and the CodeJock list view control.

That means I'll have to park this issue until we've got working PDBs across the product. At that point, I can debug the CodeJock code and see what's going on in there.


2019-01-20 19:31

manager   ~0007041

Okay! Finally had a moment to look at this again. Super easy to figure out now that we've got a propery development setup with good PDBs product-wide.

Turns out the alignment code is built into CodeJock. It sets the alignment by getting the parent window of the header control, and double-checking to see if the parent is a kind of CListView or CListCtrl window ... which makes sense, otherwise it can't handle the alignment setting.

The Logbook's database view has a DECLARE_DYNCREATE declaration, but it wasn't wired-up correctly; the base class was set to CView instead of CXTListView. This gave it the wrong type, and wasn't a kind-of CListView. With the RTTI hooked-up correctly, everything seems fine.

Fixed with this checkin:


2019-01-21 02:36

administrator   ~0007052

Wow... cool! This one has been out there for quite some time.


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