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Summary0001352: Shortwave Database
DescriptionShortwave Database has not functioned in some time because of unavailability of
ILG Data. Should be updated to use HFCC and EiBi data.
Additional InformationReported by k2dls
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ModuleRig Control


related to 0001854 new 1 - Backlog SWL database - time not working.. truncated. 



2014-01-19 21:10

administrator   ~0000114

User replies:

This issue has NOT been resolved as of v189. The shortwave database function still points to the non-functional ILG site. Either the function should be removed or given the ability to function with alternatives such as EiBi or HFCC.


2014-02-02 15:01

administrator   ~0000323

We're not assigning them until just before they go to the "List of 5".


2020-02-11 04:16

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From Ticket #691713

One hobby that runs parallel to my Amateur Radio hobby is Short Wave Listening (SWL). When I am not burning up the airwaves with Morse Code or Single Sideband transmissions, you can find me silently listening to foreign broadcasts in either the English or German languages. To that end, I am very pleased that HRD has maintained the Shortwave Database window within the Rig Control application. I certainly hope that the Shortwave Database never meets the chopping block especially since it can simply be closed by any HRD user not wishing to view it.

However, it has once severe shortcoming: the limited compatibility with the database structure. Now I know that this has been discussed in the HRD Forums ( but I don't know if ever an official response has been made by the new ownership structure to the numerous requests for compatibility options.

The only free file that is directly compatible with the Shortwave Database structure that I know of is dated 19 October 2008 ( One option to expand compatibility is the free EiBi database that is available in several formats ( Another option is one that costs €17/year (17 Euros per year) but is very good and frequently updated. It is available from ILGRadio. They already have a file that is compatible with the HRD Shortwave Database format ( however, the data is truncated and only 33 of the original 40 data fields are included. The most detailed files with all 40 data fields and no data truncation require what is known as the "A"/"B" Version database structure ( These files are currently dated 2 February 2020.

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