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00013611 - BacklogBugpublic2018-11-28 01:11
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PlatformGateway DX4831OSWindowsOS Version
Summary0001361: Various issues using Sienna
DescriptionMany if not most features work. I will list the few things I have found wrong
here. If you want me to do them in separate reports, just let me know.

VOX appears to be reverses. when it is lit, radio is PTT. When dark, radio is

RF power slider shows at 0 even through radio is higher. When adjusted it
adjust the radio to its value, e.g. 100, but then jumps back to 0.

Filter shift does shift the 9 MHz filter higher. There doesn't appear to be a
way to shift the filter lower or select the 4 kHZ filter.
Steps To ReproduceVOX - just press it and watch the indicator on the radio panel

RF Power - just adjust it up and stop. It will jump back to 0. Read power on
radio panel. If you adjusted to 100 on the slider, it will say 100.

Filter - Just move the slider up. It will move the 9 MHz filter up on the front
panel of the radio. It will do this regardless whether the 9 MHz filter or 4
kHz filter is selected.
Additional InformationReported by nc4en Preview/Beta 2
ModuleRig Control


related to 0001343 acknowledged Ham Radio Deluxe will not read the frequency of my Sienna at any speed and will not thereby open. 


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