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0001534Ham Radio DeluxeBugpublic2017-06-19 20:44
ReporterWA9PIEAssigned ToWA9PIE 
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Target VersionFixed in Version6.2.4 
Summary0001534: Fix digital reports in CQ DX Field
DescriptionUsers are reporting that the CQ DX Field award is including something other than digital QSOs.
Additional InformationI am not sure this is the correct place to submit this issue; maybe a post to forum is preferred. At any rate, my problem is simply that the CQ DX Field Digital Award summaries contains incorrect data. The Mixed, CW, and SSB Confirmed summaries appear to be correct, just the Digital has bad data -- the "Worked", "Confirmed", and "need QSL" (maybe others) contain mostly if not all non-digital qso data e.g. SSB and CW qsos, To be more specific, in Awards Tracking, CQ DX Field (HRD) Award Program, Digital Award row, the data that comes up if I click on"Worked", "Confirmed", etc is not correct. Curiously, the various sub-categories under the Digial Award ("Digital 28" etc seem to contain correct data; at least they contain digital qso data, )
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2014-01-19 22:03

administrator   ~0000117

I updated the awards definition to fix it. Tested it.

Mike, WA9PIE


2014-01-29 23:28

administrator   ~0000185

I confirmed the fix.

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