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0001567Ham Radio DeluxeBugpublic2017-06-19 20:51
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Summary0001567: Filter unneeded spots from the DX Cluster
DescriptionPretty simple. Users are requesting that we provide an additional filter to the DX Cluster that would HIDE spots if they are not needed for DXCC. This is a common request and many of our competitors have this functionality.

More information in "Additional Information"
Additional InformationThe WSI for Band and Mode for DX Spots have three conditions:

- Green (Worked and Confirmed)
- Yellow (Worked and Not Confirmed)
- Red (Not Worked)

With this change GREEN spots would be filtered out of view when the user selects one of three new filters that would be applied to the existing band filter:

- Band (any spots where “Band” is green are “hidden”)
- Mode (any spots where “Mode” is green are “hidden”)
- Band OR Mode (any spots where “Band” OR “Mode” is green are “hidden”)

There would also be the following:

- All (no filter applied; default state)


Note: Since the following condition is not possible:

Country = Red AND Band != Red

Then there is no need to create a "Country" filter. Those who need think they need such a thing should:

- Use the "Band" filter... AND
- Add Country (C) to their Cluster layout
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2014-02-02 09:50


Filter Unneeded Spots.pdf (507,212 bytes)


2014-05-01 22:23

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tested and confirmed

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