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00015721 - BacklogBugpublic2020-07-16 07:36
Reporterw4aseAssigned ToWA9PIE 
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Summary0001572: DM-780 Mouse over in waterfall not following the mode for decode
DescriptionWhen you have selected a stream to decode in the RX window you can then move your mouse over another stream on the waterfall and a pop up window will decode it. This works great in PSK-31 - but not in other PSK, RTTY or CW modes - the mode for the mouse over seems to be stuck in a PSK-31 mode. This use to work for all modes.
Steps To Reproduceselect a PSK-31 stream to decode in RX window - move mouse to another stream - pop up window will decode - now try a different mode like RTTY - it will not decode - pop up window comes up but decodes garbage
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Sub-ModuleQSO Window
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related to 0001789 confirmedWA9PIE hover (mouse-over) over single waterfall signal is stuck in PSK mode now. Used to work great in RTTY v 6.0 



2018-06-24 15:15

updater   ~0005452

This was reported in another Issue. Not fixed.


2018-07-25 12:53

administrator   ~0005792

Updating these to Feedback, as all have questions or need re-tested.


2018-07-25 14:16

updater   ~0005824

PSK31 and PSK63 decide OK in the pop out but not CW. No rtty signals. to test


2018-07-25 16:24

reporter   ~0005828

I was able to test a number of modes and it is working as it should - Thanks - nice to have this feature back again. It has been gone so long that most people do not know it every existed. Some in the marketing business might even say it's a NEW FEATURE


2018-07-26 02:18

updater   ~0005833

For me CW is decoded in the DM780 rx window but not from a pop out on the waterfall.


2019-03-10 20:51

administrator   ~0007666

See Mantis 1572 and Mantis 1789

Hover over (mouse over) a digital signal in the waterfall to get a pop up bubble with decoded message. Very handy. You do not need to even click on the signal - just hover. Used to work in PSK31, PSK63 modes and in RTTY. Now stuck in PSK31 mode only.

Still not fixed even though this broke in 2014. Was working in all modes in v5 and several early versions of 6.0

See these videos to describe the issue. You can see how valuable this feature was in contests.

Thanks and 73! Howard W6HDG


2019-03-10 20:55

administrator   ~0007667

This issue was fixed a number of versions ago and then broke again. Several of us have reported it as a feature that was lost in the shuffle over the years

Mike, I showed this to you once when you logged into my computer to look at another issue we were having – I think old versions not clearing themselves with a new install – It is almost hard to test today as the PSK traffic, due to FT-8, is all but nonexistent. It would take a RTTY contest to test fully.

Here is the problem as concise as I can make it.

Much Older versions – back in the v5 days:

In DM-780 you could be decoding a RTTY signal and have the “M” marker on that station and see the decode in the RX window. Then you could move your mouse and “Hover” or also called “Mouse Over” to another stream on the waterfall, while leaving the “M” line alone, and a popup window would appear and also decode that signal – so you could see your original decode in the RX window and the Mouse Over decode in the Pop Up window - this was helpful in looking for the next contact in a contest or trying to judge where you want to go next. And yes, Super Sweeper will do this, but this was a quick way to look at one station and see who it was. People also found that Supper Sweeper was not as good when bogged down with 30 or 40 decodes in a contest.

 At some point the Hover or Mouse Over got stuck in PSK-31 – regardless what mode you were decoding in the RX window, the Hover or Mouse Over function was stuck and only wanted to decode PSK-31. It would not follow the main decode mode selection.

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