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Summary0001574: Change rig mode when changing modes in DM-780
DescriptionUser's request:
May I suggest a tweak or enhancement that would pass Mode from DM780 from the assigned tabs above the text display on to Rig Control. Right now it is a 2 step process to change modes between CW and digital modes. First to click the tab then to click the mode in the mode pane. For example, since radios nowadays primarily use DIG mode through a rear connector on the radio, the DIG mode should be automatically selected to the radio directly from the TAB above the text display. All modes that are not CW are then DIG modes.
In my case, for example, I have tabs for : CW, PSK32, PSK 64, PSK128. So when I click one of those tabs, the mode should pass from DM780 > Rig Control > Radio.

Perhaps Rig Control can sense when the mode is manually changed at the radio and pass the change on to DM780 so that when CW is selected at the radio, then CW Mode is used in DM780. And when DIG mode is selected at the radio, then DM780 receives DIG command ( I do understand that there is no way that DM780 can know which DIG mode to select and that is something to think about. But at least changing mode in DM780 ought to at least set the radio to either CW of DIG. Not sure what to do about SSB since DM780 has nothing to do with SSB.
Additional InformationTo simplify:

When a user is in DM-780 and selects a digital mode based on USB, the rig should change mode to USB.

When the user selects CW, the rig should change to CW.

When the user selects FSK, the rig should change to FSK.
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