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Summary0001596: Worked Status Indicators (WSI) for "Leaderboard"
Description"Leaderboard" is not working properly.


For the selected WSI, the following icons should be displayed:
"Red X" if the Country has not been worked for the selected WSI conditions (Country, Band, Mode, etc).
"Yellow Yield" if the Country has been worked, but not confirmed, for the selected WSI conditions.
"Green Check" if the Country has been worked and confirmed for the selected WSI conditions.

The icons are never "Yellow Yield" (when they should be) and the wrong green/check icon is being used.
Steps To ReproduceTo test this, added all the WSIs into my layout. I created an empty log and put ONE QSO in there. Then I sent a test spot (in CC Cluster, that's "DXTEST freq call comment" for that call (KB9ZIG).

With no confirmations for this QSO, I should have seen "Yellow Yield" all across the WSIs. Rather, what I saw proves that these two WSIs noted above are not working properly.
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related to 0001611 closedERIK Ham Radio Deluxe WSI for Modes are incorrect for many modes 
related to 0001579 closedW4PC Ham Radio Deluxe "Worked:Mode on Band" WSI is not properly showing yellow yield 



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Leader Board is a different animal ... it really has nothing to do with WSI .. it was meant to somewhat replicate the leaderboard on club log ... It's all about the 'STATION'(Call), not DXCC

 you already have all the WSI info in C,B and M ... to add what you want is redundant

The LB tells you at a glance if
(1) you have never worked the "Station" on any band (red X)
(2)If you have worked the "station" on some band, but not this one (green check)
or (3) if you have worked the "station" on this band (red x/ green check)...



2015-11-25 09:35


lb.JPG (69,789 bytes)
lb.JPG (69,789 bytes)


2015-11-25 09:39


Just remove "WSI" and "Worked Status Indicator" from description in column layout page ... it's not a WSI indicator .. It's a "station" worked indicator ... valuable as is to a DX chaser ... DO NOT CHANGE


2018-06-13 22:12

administrator   ~0005267

The leaderboard WSI is still wrong. It's a low priority.

I respectfully disagree with "user51". The WSI values are specific and they do not match to the specs.

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