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Summary0001609: Errors in DM-780 and FSK-45
DescriptionSaw this bug (and I will do a Mantis report on it) while working with a support client. This only happens in FSK-45. FSK-50 and 75 work correctly with both interface/rig combinations. This bug was in .241 as well as .254. Not sure how far back it goes, but I could consistently reproduce this error in these two versions.

At times, I will get what looks like the software trying to open the FSK keying comm port twice. I get an error message it can't open the comm port. Click OK and the error goes away and the message is transmitted.

Next, app will not release the TX line after the Macro message is completed. <stop> does not work imbedded in a Macro and remains grayed out on the toolbar. DM-780 hangs at this point requiring you to force the application closed and reset all hardware (MK-II, Station Master and IC-756 Pro III). The transceiver remains in diddle. If I type a message and use the <stop> or F5 key, it works correctly. This behavior was only noted with the microHam microKeyer II interface. Again, this does not happen in FSK-50 or FSK-75.

The first error with the comm port was present in a system using a Yaesu SCU-17 interface. All ports are Virtual Comm Ports on both systems.
Steps To ReproduceRestart all hardware/applications and it does it again.
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(Problem still exists in build 295)

Additional research:
On a breakout box, the DTR/RTS lines (used to key the transmitter) will usually release if the "Stop" button is pressed before the <stop> command is sent.

("Usually," because occasionally the DTR or RTS lines would remain logic high.)

TX line appeared to toggle correctly with TX data.

Test HW was a standard two-color LED breakout box on an FTDI serial port.

Setup was as a RigBlaster Pro with TX selected to toggle the PTT line.

*** ALSO, RTTY 50/75 baud are AFSK modes ***

-- N6EY


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Still exists as of build 295. See notes.


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