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0001618Ham Radio DeluxeBugpublic2017-05-24 22:45
ReporterKB3NPHAssigned Touser5 
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Target VersionFixed in Version6.2.72 
Summary0001618: Logbook Timezone Issue
DescriptionTicket #824169

This would be a continuation of a bug found in V6.2 by Support and confirmed by Rick and Mike.

A customer reports:
Noticed a major issue with logbook.

If you change the logbook time display from UTC to Local, the time changes but the QSO date does not change. This caused log entries to be filed incorrectly for several days. At least it looks like that on the QSO list.

To reproduce, change watch a log entry that has different date in LOCAL vs. UTC time. e.g. in pacific timezone, a QSO at 11pm will be 6am in UTC. Then switch the timezone and watch the time display change on the QSO but the date does not change to the UTC date.

Is this only a display issue or the back-end database also has the local date / time?

To avoid data issues, I am not using HRD logbook till this is fixed.
Steps To ReproduceInitial bug:
On Logbook click VIEW > DIGITAL CLOCK > Uncheck UTC if checked.
On Logbook click LOGBOOK > OPTIONS > APPEARANCE in Times select LOCAL

Now enter a QSO in the ALE and save it to logbook. The log record will indicate a START time of Local - 1 hour.
Additional InformationThis bug reported by the customer mainly indicates the DATE issue that can be created by the inaccuracy of the TIME issue created in the above bug.

I hope this isn't a duplicate. System created an error when I originally entered this bug report.
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Sub-ModuleALE Window



2014-05-27 07:59


Compiler bug with optomization setting....

    dt = COleDateTime::GetCurrentTime();
                DWORD dwStyle = pCtrl->GetStyle();
                BOOL bTime = ((dwStyle & DTS_TIMEFORMAT) == DTS_TIMEFORMAT);
                BOOL bDate = !bTime;

                TRACE(_T("DT> style %08X\n"), dwStyle);



2014-08-18 15:04

administrator   ~0000467

Cleaning up closed items already marked "Resolved".

Mike, WA9PIE

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