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00016191 - BacklogBugpublic2019-06-16 17:37
Reporteruser19Assigned ToWA9PIE 
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Summary0001619: Manual Tuning Does Not Work in Sat Tracker
DescriptionWhile tracking a sat, if you tune to a QSO within the passband of the satellite and attempt to work it, the Sat Tracker software will move you back to the center of the passband and off the QSO frequency.

If you enable manual tuning, the way it should work is position the slider to the new frequency, and it should stay on that frequency. Not pop you back to another.
Steps To ReproduceDoes it every time
Additional InformationThis has been doing this since version 5. It's not a new bug. But since we now have a rig we can control properly, this may become a sticking point.
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ModuleSatellite Tracking
Sub-ModuleRig Control
TestingNot Started


related to 0001868 feedbackWA9PIE FT-991 The Satellite Module – Manual Tracking Not Working 



2019-06-15 12:14

administrator   ~0008075

Seems related to 1868 -- maybe a dupe. In that issue, we're trying to find a specification of exactly how manual tuning should work in the Satellite app.

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