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Target VersionFixed in Version6.5.0.188 
Summary0001637: Rotator DCU-2 North/South Stop not working correctly
DescriptionThe North/ South stop function on the new version using a
DCU-2 rotator controller operates incorrectly. With the DCU2 set to
south stop, the HRD software must be set to north stop for the dial
indicator to point the correct direction. This is true for both the
Great Circle and Mercator views.
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related to 0001833 closedJOSE HRD Rotor - When South Stop is selected, East becomes 270 dgrees 
child of 0002917 resolvedWA9PIE "South Stop" implementation has problems and needs to be fixed or removed 



2014-06-16 19:35


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Also for the DCU-3.

The North Stop/South stop appears to only offset the view by 180 degrees. Most electronic controllers handle this internally, and will report and accept commands based on the actual azimuth.

In other words, whether the rotator is set up for north stop or for south stop, sending a command to take azimuth 090 will point the antenna at 090.

Recommend reviewing the North Stop/South Stop function.



2019-01-29 20:24

developer   ~0007139

South/North stop have been removed.

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