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0001646Ham Radio DeluxeBugpublic2017-06-19 21:18
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Target VersionFixed in Version3.2.7.315 
Summary0001646: WPX prefix for "slash" calls is still incorrect (W1AW/2 should be "W2")
DescriptionThe correct WPX logic is still not being applied to calls with "slash digit" at the end of them.

For example:
W1AW/2 should be "W2" (now showing as "W1")
W4PC/9 should be "W9" (now showing as "W4")
UA1ABC/4 should be "UA4" (now showing as "UA1")

This is screwing up the awards reporting for WPX awards fans (and generally, those who participate in the WPX contests - including DIGITAL modes).
Steps To ReproduceOpen blank ALE
Enter W4PC/9 in the callsign box
Observe that "W4" is incorrectly placed in the WPX field - rather than "W9"
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Sub-ModuleALE Window



2014-06-04 20:42


WPX Prefix wrong.JPG (86,245 bytes)
WPX Prefix wrong.JPG (86,245 bytes)


2014-10-08 22:07

administrator   ~0000570

Verified fixed. Thanks.

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