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Summary0001650: DM-780 sometimes reports incorrect mode to PSK Reporter
DescriptionReceived customer complaints that PSK31 contacts are being reported to PSK Reporter as CW contacts. Determined that the QSO window mode possibly is being reported to PSK Reporter, vice the SuperSweeper mode.

Recommend sending the SuperSweeper mode to PSK reporter.
Steps To ReproduceTune rig to PSK portion of an active PSK band on HF, or use a PSK demo audio file.
Set QSO window mode to CW.
Switch to SuperSweeper and set the mode to PSK31.
Observe PSK Reporter maps for spots from your station.
Observe the reported mode for your PSK spots is CW.
Swear profusely.

Additional Information*** after further testing, Switching the QSO mode back to BPSK-31 does not make a difference - some reports still show as CW, while others show as PSK-31.
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2014-06-14 19:40


06/14/2014 4:08 pm

You mentioned thinking that the PSK Reporter upload was grabbing the mode indicator from the QSO window rather than the SuperSweeper window. However, my QSO window has been in PSK31 all day and the PSK31 spots having been showing up on PSK Reporter as CW, until I cleared and restarted DM780. So, I am not sure this is the complete resolution.

I've attached some more screen prints for your reference.



2014-06-14 19:40


06/14/2014 4:16 pm

I forgot to mention you can also see a time gap in the PSK Reporter screenshot, yet there there are spots being recorded in SuperSweeper. It looks like DM780 may have stopped sending updates to PSK Reporter altogether after sending CW spots most of the day. After I cleared and restarted DM780, the correct spots began being reflected in PSK Reporter.



2014-06-16 15:30


06/15/2014 9:16 pm

I've attached another example of a PSK Reporter timeout. SuperSweeper was running the entire time period, however you will see reports stopped at 21:56. I restarted DM780 at 02:18 and reports resumed.

Another issue I just noticed is that when my PSK Reporter spots ADIF file I maintain went over 50,000 records, I started getting an Improper Argument error when importing the ADIF file into Logbook. I've attached a screenprint of that error.

After the error and restarting Logbook, the data is reflected properly in Logbook, however the error is displayed after the import.

While this may be somewhat of a separate issue, SuperSweeper does access Logbook and it has the feel that the PSK Reporting errors seem to increase the larger the Logbook file became.

Again, could be unrelated, but the Improper Argument error is consistent. I've attached a copy of the ADIF file if you want to try importing it. Errors also seemed to increase after using the Status and Report functions in SuperSweeper.



2018-07-25 12:53

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Updating these to Feedback, as all have questions or need re-tested.

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