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00016632 - Next Dev List (Holding Area)Enhancementpublic2020-07-02 02:20
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Summary0001663: Satellite QSOs do not contain the correct fields for LOTW and not recognized
DescriptionTicket #705520

I talked to Mike WA9PIE at Dayton about my problem. He gave me his card but his email address does not work as I get the email back undelivered. The problem is that when I upload QSOs to LOTW the satellite QSOs do not arrive. Refer to the attachment and you can see there are 5 QSOs that do not get accepted. There are no error reports from LOTW. I talked to the LOTW booth at Dayton and they said it is a HRD issue. I showed the problem to Mike using an example of how I do my log and he said for me to remind him after Dayton.
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related to 0003142 assignedWA9PIE 4 - Business Priorities Logbook does not offer a list of satellites; this causes problems with LOTW upload (and probably awards) 



2017-10-29 02:59

updater   ~0004275

More alike tickets coming in

Ticket #830370
COL_BAND_RX was populated in the past, but not for all recent QSOS. Now COL_FREQ_RX is correctly populated with the frequency but COL_BAND_RX is empty instead of having 70cm or 2m etc.
Propagation should be SAT, I believe, for EQSL and other purposes, not "Satellit"

Ticket #662847
Eqsl upload as also LOTW etc. Should bring uplink frequency as main frequency to be uploaded for the QSO. HRD instead uploads downlink RX frequency and this can result in no matching QSOs. Also the field propagation type shouldn't be written by HRD with the statement 'Satellit' which I think can be wrong for LOTW and EQSL
For these two reasons QSO may go on direct QSO instead of SAT and on wrong band /mode


2017-12-12 04:16

updater   ~0004289

Also reported via Ticket #113565

PROP_MODE not Being SAT whilst it is Entered,


2018-02-28 07:11

updater   ~0004330

Another one.. Ticket #138950


2018-10-23 06:23

updater   ~0006336

And once more Ticket #152674


2019-05-30 16:52

developer   ~0007960

Switched to "enhnacement" per the team call on 2019-05-30


2019-10-25 03:35

developer   ~0009012

There's just some incomplete notes here -- nothing clear or directly actionable. The description mentions attachments and there are no files here.

Maybe this is a dupe of 3142, but it's nothing that can be approached now due to the lack of detail and clarity in the report.


2019-10-25 05:07

updater   ~0009015

I agree 3142 is Duplicate but has more information in it.


2019-11-08 02:28

administrator   ~0009207

I'll take this until we sort out the detail.


2020-01-05 12:23

updater   ~0009534

New details in Ticket #619437


2020-01-09 13:07

updater   ~0009541

Getting more and more angry tickets on this.
It should be an easy fix though.

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