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00016645 - Closed w/o ActionBugpublic2019-11-14 18:31
Reporteruser36Assigned ToWA9PIE 
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Summary0001664: Logbook - ALE window "W" worked status icon logic wrong.
DescriptionIn the ALE window, the "W" icon shows up for fields that have NOT been worked. It extinguishes when there is a match in the logbook for that field.
Steps To Reproduce- Open Logbook
- Open ALE window
- Observe blank fields with "W" icon
- Enter information for a previously logged QSO
- Observe status goes out

- Also observe DX Cluster - WSI's report correctly (i.e. worked indications for worked countries/stations
Additional InformationRef Ticket #657900
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Sub-ModuleALE Window
TestingNot Started


duplicate of 0002801 assignedK7ZCZ 3 - Current Dev List Logbook: ALE "worked" indicators don't appear predictably 
related to 0003583 confirmedWA9PIE 3 - Current Dev List (W)orked indicators are gone 



2017-03-05 21:13

administrator   ~0003105

Confirmed in 633


2018-06-13 22:41

administrator   ~0005272

This actually should change to match the WSI values.


2018-07-04 16:55

developer   ~0005608

It's not clear what these indicators should do, or what they mean.

There are indicators associated with these controls:

Main ALE: Callsign
Main ALE: LoTW
Main ALE: Locator
Main ALE: Country
Location Tab in ALE: Locator

Some of these have the same name as rows in the "Worked" tab, so maybe they're somehow meant to be related. But there are only single controls, and the "Worked" tab has (or can have) multiple columns.

There's also poor discoverability; the symbols in locator controls (and the Locator tab, too) don't have a key that explains what they mean.

Given some design work, it shouldn't be hard to get something useful working here. Thus issue is blocked on the completion of that design work.


2019-08-29 15:48

developer   ~0008467

In the 2019-08-29 call, we agreed that we'd remove the [W] icons from the ALE since there's no clear way to implement "worked" for t he different combinations of data which might or might not be entered at the moment.

I'll remove the icons (and the backing code) for now. If we want to implement a feature that looks like this, we should invest the time in writing it up and discussing it.

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