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0001665Ham Radio DeluxeBugpublic2018-11-30 16:50
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Target VersionFixed in Version6.2.72 
Summary0001665: Winkey 1 hangs after sending 18 characters
DescriptionUsers are reporting that Winkey 1 no longer works properly in HRD 6.2.


Ticket #775346

I have a problem using microHAM DigiKeyerII/WinKey in HRD. After TXing a text from Keyboard or from a macro the TRX doesn't come back to RX immediately. Often it takes more than five seconds, then it comes back to RX. When trying to send a longer text, Winkey stopped after sending the tenth character, the winkey monitor reports “status ok” for this character, but no further tx. Then it is necessary to restart DM-780 to come back to RX. This occurs with WinKey only, i.e. HRD works flawlessly with FSK-45, with PSK and with CW (without WinKey).

WinKey works fine together with CWtype. standalone with KeyPad, and with paddle.

WinKey works ok in the pre-release of 6.2 ( RC2). As you can see in the attached pictures it seems to me that the WinKey1-chip is not detected properly (port WinKey1 is greyed out, and the microham-DigiKeyerII contains this WinKey1-chip).

My Environment: DigiKeyerII, Router 8.5.6
HRD 6.2 DM780
Windows7,64 Bit, TRX ICOM IC-7600
Steps To ReproduceEasy to reproduce.

Using Winkey 1.0 open DM-780
Select CW (Winkey)
In the TX window, enter 12345678901234567890
Hit Send or Auto
DM will hang after sending the second "8" (ie. after 18 characters)

This is true regardless of whether free-form test is used or a macro.


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2014-08-14 08:16

administrator   ~0000452

I tested this in 285 and it was resolved.

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