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0001684Ham Radio DeluxeBugpublic2019-03-31 11:13
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Target VersionFixed in Version6.5.0.207 
Summary0001684: Label Printing on sheet fed labels
DescriptionActual printed label dimensions do not match the physical output.

Borders and gaps via the Label Print dialog seem to be offset by the minimum borders set in the print drivers. The left side margin and the top margin are often most affected, which results in either scaling of the label "cell" sizes, or in shifting the labels up/down and to the right.

When the scale is not affect and the labels are shifted to the right, the information "wraps" to the next cells. For exmaple, is the cells in row 1, column 3 do not fit on the page, the information is wrapped to row 2, column 1, and subseguent cells are shifted accordingly.

*** ALSO: a buffer margin inside the cells needs to be added so that printing does not start immediately ON the border, which often is off by a few thousandths of an inch even when working. Suggest centering the table created inside the label in addition, to ensure that labels are not printed on the borders or "cut-off" when the labels are removed from the sheet.

Steps To Reproduce- Open Logbook
- Highlight several (10-30 is a useful number) log entries and use either the right-click menu or the menu bar to select label printing
- Set up for printing on sheet-labels, such as Avery 5160
- (Optional) Enable "Draw Page Outlines"
- Insert plain paper or the corresponding sheet label in the printer
- In the Layout tab, Print Range section, select the "Selected" option
- Go to the Print tab
- Ensure the correct printer, paper size and labels are selected
- Hit Print
- Observe the dimensions of the labels and the margins and gaps
- Recommend using a machinists ruler with 1/32 or 1/64 scale
Additional Information*** Please see the attached PDF for measurements and notes. ***

All mesaurements were made to the nearest 1/64", converted to a decimal, rounded to the nearest thousandth.

Font size does not affect the positioning or size of the label cells, only the amount of information that fits in the cell. Tests with different font sizes yielded no change in the results. One comparison is included, but other anecdotal tests with different font sizes and styles yielded no changes.

The measurements are scanned copies of the actual prints on plain paper. Using the "Draw Page Outlines" to determine where the labels would print,
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related to 0001659 closedARMAN Label problem 



2014-08-04 20:25


Test Data - Label Printing.pdf (453,260 bytes)


2014-08-05 12:46

administrator   ~0000447

Yes. I generally agree with what Jason has documented here. I would add that - while it's good to use a ruler to make sure the dimensions are correct... I generally print to plain paper and then hold it up against a label sheet... against a lamp to make sure that the labels 'would have' printed inside the label themselves.

For me, the issue never was getting the QSO detail to print inside the label... it was getting the left side of the label printing to actually begin ON THE PAPER. It's always begun at least a 1/2 off to the left of the edge (not margin, but edge) of the paper.


2019-03-30 05:36

administrator   ~0007797

This should be fixed in the 205 build.

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