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Summary0001710: HRD Synchronizer in V6.2 versions does not work
DescriptionTicket #385502
This is the most recent, but I have had several complaints about Synchronizer not working in V6.2.
Steps To ReproduceFrom the customer's ticket:

"I am well aware that Synchro is for sync TWO HRD on same computer, I have used it in older versions.

I have 1 HRD for the Receiver and 1 HRD for the transmitter.
But in the latest version nothing happens when i press sync button, it starts doing something but comes back with no HRD instances.
I remembered that i got some error exception but i have not seen it again.

I will test this further later this day .

Bye the way, as a feature that could be added to Syncro is a textbox that you can set a offset frequency for 1 of the HRD instances."
Additional InformationI sent this customer a copy of the HRDSync.exe from V5.0 and it worked perfectly on his system.
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2014-08-30 13:08


From KB3NPH:
Ticket #385502
This is the most recent ticket number, but I have received a couple reports of HRDSync not working in V6.2.x. It seems they can bring up the program but it will not detect the added instances of HRD running on the computer.


2017-06-19 09:16

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