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Summary0001713: Add Contest enhancement - increment Stx # field
DescriptionTicket #718480
Please, pretty please.

Can the Add Contest log entry window be fixed so that the Serial Number Transmitted (Stx #) Field is automatically incremented from THIS window after each QSO is added to the log.
(I know it works in ALE but that’s not the streamlined Add Contest window).

If just this one thing could be implemented, all the QSO Party contests could be logged faster and easier than using ALE.
I’ll bet more people would buy HRD knowing this.

If I had a 2nd request it would be to have the Frequency read by the radio and entered for each QSO
(as it already does for Band and Mode).
It’s nice to know this if you are searching and pouncing around the band so you don’t spend time listening just to find
that you have already worked the station at that frequency.

Thanks for your consideration.

David Dzelsky N3DZ
131 Harrison St
Homer City, Pa 15748
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2015-11-30 11:38


From Ticket #923118: I ccasionally participate in contests and the add logbook entry in contest mode would be perfect for me. However, the duplicate checking only works for the first four entries in my logbook, in addition the duplicate warning shows a date time of "01/01/1601 00:07:15"


2018-06-13 22:42

administrator   ~0005273

Needs to be considered in the larger contest module replacement.

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