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Summary0001717: KX3 cannot save channels in favorites list with data mode
DescriptionTicket #440305
Cannot save channels in favorites list with data mode on the Elecraft KX3. The data mode does not show up in the drop down and none of the other modes I save seems to be a data mode.

the data and data-r modes of the radio are not available
Steps To ReproduceIn Rig Control main menu, click on FAVORITES > ADD (See Image #1 attached)

In trying to replicate I found that when creating a NEW FOLDER with a frequency added to it using this interface it will make the folder and save the new frequency when you exit the editor.

If you just try to add a frequency to an already created folder, it will not save the frequency.

Also the customer's complaint is that the dropdown box for MODES does not contain modes like DATA and DATA R for the K3. This dropdown needs to be edited to add the modes used by all the radios HRD supports if we are going to have it in there.
Additional InformationFurther checking has shown that in the SELECTION pane, if we select the FAVORITES PANE and click on MANAGER, then attempt to ADD a new frequency we get an entirely different dialog box.(see image 2) This dialog appears to work properly to create and add frequencies and save single frequencies to existing folders. The MODE dropdown, however here also needs to be changed to reflect the different modes available in radios.
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