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Summary0001729: Logbook - Cabrillo export format problems
DescriptionCustomer description below. Refer to "Additional Information" for correct Cabrillo formatting:

Good morning. I found this problem. The Cabrillo file exort utility in Logbook, (menu Logboo/File/Export/Cabrillo) doesn’t work properly. The generated file has many problems: RTTY is shown as RT (instead of RY), frequency under 10 MHz is shown mistaken (14225 OK – for 14.225 MHz, but 70585 is shown for 7.058,5 not correct) and others. Please revise the converter.
Thank you in advance for your help.

Carlo Morandi
Via Guareschi, 31
41126 Modena MO
Tel 329 3151074
Steps To Reproduce- Open Logbook
- Highlight entries to export that include freqs below 10 MHz and RTTY mode
- Export file
- Examine entries to confirm above gripe to be true
Additional InformationCabrillo QSO templates contained here:

Cabrillo info here:

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