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Summary0001732: Rig Control - IC-7600 CW Keyer Speed slider scale incorrect
DescriptionScale reads 0 to 100, but keyer range is from 6 to 48 wpm.

Appears to be an error in translating 0-255 returned by C-IV to actual scale.

Steps To Reproduce- Connect Rig Control to IC-7600
- Set rig control slider to 0 WPM
- Observe rig keyer set to 6 WPM
- Set rig control slider to 100 WPM
- Observe rig keyer set to 48 WPM
- Stand with mouth agape and shake head

Additional InformationThe Icom IC-7600 manual lists the following spec: Keyer 6 to 48 WPM. (Same as the QST Review). The rig itself does not display the actual speed anywhere. That is the reason I wanted to be able to get an accurate speed reading from HRD. Therefore, the only two speeds I can give you with some certainty is 6 wpm & 48 wpm (min & max). At 6 wpm (full counter clockwise on speed control) HRD reads "0" WPM. At 48 WPM (full clockwise rotation of speed control) HRD reads 100 wpm.

The manual also has a Command Table. I found the following items related to the keyer in the Command Table:

Command Data Description:
14 0C 0000=max CCW, 0255=max CW Send/read key speed level
1A 0133 01 to 60 Send/read CW keyer repeat time
                                         (01-1 sec., 60=60 sec)
1A 0134 28 to 45 Send/read CW keyer dot/dash ration
                                         (28=1:1; 2:8 45=1:1:4.5)
TagsIC-7600, ICOM
ModuleRig Control
Sub-ModuleRig Control


related to 0003057 new 3 - Current Dev List Rig Control would benefit from an expressive, formula-oriented mechanism for calculating distinct setting values 
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