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Summary0001734: Rig Control add ability to display RIT/XIT offset
DescriptionCustomer requests ability to read RIT offset from rig (IC-7200).

Apparently the rit/xit offset infor may be available.

Suggest needle graph with numeric readout:

(Crude examples) ......|.^.... (+1.000 kHz)

                   .^....|...... (-2.500 kHz)

Additional InformationFrom customer:
I have created the following two RIT (Receiver Incremental Tuning) buttons shown below. In the IC-7200 Advanced Instructions Manual, Page 11-4. Under the latest “Control Command List”, the RIT commands listed are as follows:

1A-3020 -01 = On

1A-3020 -00 = Off
This command definition states that the offset frequency can be sent or received by HRD. I would like to configure this myself it the capability is available within HRD I’ve tried CAT Command Manager with no success. What I currently receive from these buttons are: “Mapped to CAT Command : RIT On” and, “Mapped to CAT Command : RIT Off”

Appreciate your help and Thank you again for the AGC Button!
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