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0001741Ham Radio DeluxeBugpublic2017-05-21 23:54
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Target VersionFixed in Version6.4.0.638 
Summary0001741: Callsign lookup order is not being honored when populating the Country field in the ALE
DescriptionWhen putting a call into the ALE, Logbook attempts to fill the Country field from the Country List before looking at other sources. In many cases, the Logbook and have more correct and up-to-date information.

Designed/intended behavior:
- Set callsign lookup order (for this example, let’s say we’ve got Logbook,, and Country List)
- Enter a call… it fills the fields in that order. First it looks in Logbook, then, and then Country List.

So if we were looking up TO4R, the following would happen:
- It’s not in my logbook… next choice…
- It’s found in as Guadeloupe (DXCC=79); it fills as many fields as it can fill from this source (XML response from attached)
- If anything else is left (and there won’t be), it would find it in the Country List
Steps To ReproduceWhat ACTUALLY happens:
- Enter TO4R and hit tab… it first looks in the Country List for country. Since “TO” is a secondary prefix, it won’t find it. It will either (a) provide a long list of every country that begins with “T”, or it crashes Logbook. If it does not crash Logbook then…
- It pops up a list of countries… you can select one (but none of them are Guadeloupe).
- Then, with the country field filled, it then looks to fill other fields from Logbook,, and then Country List.
Additional InformationIt should never be trying to fill the country field without first going through the more preferred lookup choices.
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Sub-ModuleCall lookup



2014-11-02 20:49


TO4R.txt (2,023 bytes)
<?xml version="1.0"?>
<!--                                                          -->
<!-- ===================== WARNING ========================== -->
<!-- | The contents of this file must not be changed if the | -->
<!-- | program is to operate correctly. To avoid problems,  | -->
<!-- | please do NOT edit this file.                        | -->
<!-- ======================================================== -->
<!--                                                          -->
<!-- Filename ..: HRDLogbookCallsignLookup                    -->
<!-- Created ...: 11/2/2014 7:38:07 PM                        -->
<!-- Computer ..: MCARPER-PC7                                 -->
<!-- Username ..: mcarper                                     -->
<!-- Program ...: HRDLogbook.exe                              -->
<!--                                                          -->
<!-- HRDLogbookCallsignLookup.cpp line 3058                   -->
<!--                                                          -->
<HRD xml:lang="EN" Description="Callsign Lookup" Created="02-Nov-2014 19:38">
		<Lookup Options="196610">TO4R</Lookup>
		<Source> subscription interface</Source>
		<Timestamp>2014-11-02 19:38:07</Timestamp>
		<Address1>Section Richeplaine</Address1>
		<Address2>47 Lotissement Marly</Address2>
		<Fname>FG4KI (Phil</Fname>
		<LastUpdate>2014-10-31 19:54:06</LastUpdate>

TO4R.txt (2,023 bytes)


2015-10-12 12:25

viewer   ~0000639

10/12/2015, N4KIT: I am unable to replicate this in Steps taken:

Confirmed TO4R not in UCSDB Public or Private(deleted completely, restarted LB)
Confirmed regular country file does not contain TO4R explicitly under Guadeloupe
Confirmed TO4R not in my logbook
Lookup options set to: Logbook, QRZ Subscription,, Country List

On entering TO4R into ALE call field and <tab>, country field returns Guadeloupe. As near as I can tell, the only source that contains the correct country is QRZ.


2017-03-05 16:38

administrator   ~0003086

Tested. Appears to be fixed.

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