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0001755Ham Radio DeluxeBugpublic2017-06-19 21:24
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Target VersionFixed in Version6.2.8.323 
Summary0001755: DM-780 WinKey Issues: stops - drops macro ends
DescriptionTicket #955187

HRD Version PROBLEMS most recent release.

DETAILS: I have been successfully using HRD Ver. with a Digi Keyer for several months to send Macros in the HRD CW WinKey mode without problem. The macros consist of a combination of alpha numeric with control + <call sign> type strings. They would execute successfully from beginning to end. The Green Bar in the win-keyer box showing buffer status would never become full. The Green Bar generally showed an 80% (or so) level as the macro was sent then disappear upon completion. The START key would be restored upon completion.

 Once HRD Ver was installed, upon selecting the CW(WinKey) Mode the Waterfall would stop (freeze up) for a period of time then eventually resume allowing access to the Run Key for WinKey. At that point, Transmission of a Macro using WinKey would run truncating characters after a certain number had been sent. It did not appear to recover after a truncation.

I repeated the process and observed the same events occurring again. I did not investigate further but changed back to Version Proper operation was restored. This appears very much like a problem reported earlier in the year which the Buffer quit once full stopping the program.

I have the Win 7 64 Bit capability on the machine but notice that the installation program installed the software in the 32 Bit executable folder.
Additional InformationThis is larger than Winkey - see bug 1758.

-- Jason
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related to 0001758 closedW4PC DM-780 - Buffered text truncated when <STOP> is included 



2015-01-06 19:31


Appears to be resolved in build 322.


2015-01-06 20:38


Fixed in build 322.

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